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Top 10 Classic Movie Moments

A while ago Cinema Spotlight hit a hundred followers and I promised that I’d use the month of September to focus on a special collection of countdowns in celebration. Since the birth of film iconic moments have helped solidify movies and cinema as the go-to form of visual entertainment. In the process countless iconic moments have come to life on the big screen over the years giving birth to endlessly quotable lines, memorable visuals and cultural phenomena that even today are referenced endlessly by other movies, television shows and even people in their everyday lives. So, to celebrate 100 followers I decided to take a look at what I feel are the most noteworthy and iconic of those moments and started by going back to the humble beginnings of the film industry. Starting off my month of exploring the best moments in all of film I went back to the classics, movies that appeared before the 1950s, and found ten of the most iconic scenes the earliest forms of cinema provided for us. These are my picks for the Top 10 Classic Movie Moments.

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