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Review: “The Nun”

Over the past few years The Conjuring Universe has become one of the most formidable franchises in cinema and is certainly the hottest horror series on the market right now. With two core films and two “Annabelle” films in the books it’s only natural that the expanded universe inspired by the legendary real-life cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren would introduce a new spinoff in 2018 with “The Nun”. This is the first film in the franchise not directly inspired by a real life haunting although its main antagonist is based on real mythology and its location is a real haunting place while the idea of the nun haunting the Warren’s was also inspired by real nightmares of the actual Lorraine Warren. That said though “The Nun” serves as an intriguing challenge to see where this franchise can go beyond its real-life inspirations by taking the most creative liberty of any film so far in the franchise. So, does this help “The Nun” live up to the hype and add to the franchise or is it proof that The Conjuring Universe may finally be going stale?  Let’s take a look. This is my review of “The Nun”.

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