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Review: “Peppermint”

Vigilante films are a dime a dozen. Heck we’ve already seen at least two in 2018 with the “Death Wish” remake and “The Equalizer 2” and I did a whole list on vigilantes a while ago that you can read here. But admittedly it’s rare to see any film focus on a female vigilante. That’s the unique twist that “Peppermint” takes putting a woman scorn front and center as a controversial figure taking the law in her own hands. Still, we’ve seen the formula before, many times in fact. So “Peppermint” needs more than just a unique central character to stand out. Does it accomplish that feat or is “Peppermint” nothing more than the same old song and dance? Let’s take a look. This is my review of “Peppermint”.

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