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Review: “Operation Finale”

God, they love to make movies about World War II and the aftermath, don’t they? Well that’s probably because there are so many great stories attached to that event especially with the Holocaust being a primary focus of that time in history. One story that had yet to be told on film is the mission to capture the man who is largely credited for the creation of the Holocaust Adolf Eichmann. That story has now been told on the big screen as “Operation Finale”. The film is an interesting one on the surface. It’s a historical drama with some very capable actors and Chris Weitz, the director of “The Golden Compass” and one of the “Twilight” movies, at the helm. The story alone is an intriguing premise following Jewish and Israeli spies who work to track one of the last major players in the atrocities from Germany during WWII. How well does this film adapt such a story? Well I took a look for myself. This is my review of “Operation Finale”.

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