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Review: “Kin”

There are movies that try too hard. You know, those movies that think they are more important than they are but sloppy writing and horrid acting and directing show the true ridiculousness of their plot. There are also movies that don’t try hard enough. You know, the ones that settle for being whatever they need to be when it’s obvious that a more creative and ballsy filmmaker could have taken things to a whole new level. Then there are those rare movies that fall in between those two extremes, and not in a good way. That brings me to “Kin”, an odd science fiction film that at times tries too hard and at other times doesn’t even try at all. The premise is unique, and it has the stamp of approval from some credible producers, like David Gross and Shawn Levy. However, the film has been torn apart by critics and so I reluctantly took a chance and viewed the film myself. So here it is, my review of “Kin”.

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