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Review: “Eighth Grade”

Once in a generation a movie comes around that defines that era’s youth in such a way that it becomes more than just a timely cinematic feature, it becomes a time capsule of personality, pop culture and values for those ten, twenty, thirty, fifty years down the road to enjoy. For the current generation, those known as Generation Z, it appears we have found that film. Much like “The Breakfast Club” helped define the youth of the 80s and “Boyhood” focused on growing up in the 2000s “Eighth Grade” could go down in history as the ultimate defining picture for the new generation growing up in the 2010s. Written and directed by one of my all-time favorite comedians Bo Burnham “Eighth Grade” was a must see for me and a film I had very high expectations for. So naturally I went out to see it upon its wide release (as the only guy in a theater filled with tweens I might add…awkward) to see if this movie is truly up to snuff. So is “Eighth Grade” the masterpiece many have made it out to be? Let’s dive in. This is my review of “Eighth Grade”.

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