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“Deck the Halls” Versus “Christmas with the Kranks”

In the annals of mainstream Christmas movies there are always two that seem to stick out in the minds of many among the worst holiday films of the last 18 years, “Deck the Halls” and “Christmas with the Kranks”. Both are considered generic slapstick comedies that fail to capture the true meaning of the holidays in any creative way. One focuses on a battle between neighbors around the holidays and the other focuses on a couple trying to skip Christmas while fending of the peer pressure for neighbors to celebrate the holiday so in some ways they are comparable. While I will be spending time this month exploring the best in Christmas movies I wanted to start off the season on a more cynical note while having a bit of fun in the process by comparing these two films in a battle of bad Christmas movies to see which is better and, in effect, which is the worst of the two. Whether you love them as guilty pleasures or revile them like many others it’s time to find out which movie is the better (and worse) holiday flick. This is “Deck the Halls” versus “Christmas with the Kranks”.

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