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Review: “Blindspotting”

America right now is undergoing a new wave of racial divide. Deny it all you want it’s a truth, ironically partially due to the country being split down the middle as to the existence of racism in the country and to what level. Many films have tried and succeeded to capture this this sentiment. Hell, “Sorry to Bother You” is one of the best examples in my opinion just a few weeks ago. But one film has come along recently that avoids taking the issue over the top and instead offers a stripped down approach to the subject that has critics talking. I am of course talking about “Blindspotting” which is the result of years of work and dedication by its stars to bring the story to life. If you’ve heard about this movie you know that many are praising it as a must see and timely film. So I took it upon myself to see what the buzz is all about and form my own opinion on the final product. Here is my review of “Blindspotting”.

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