Review: “Logan”

As one of the most anticipated films of 2017, and the expected final “X-Men” films for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, “Logan” had a lot to live up to as the conclusion to the story of the most popular X-Man, the Wolverine. Embracing the same R-rating that
“Deadpool” proved can work well in the comic book and superhero film genres last year, “Logan” not only lives up to the hefty expectations set upon it but also brings a fitting end to the Wolverine legacy in what is, to put it bluntly, one of the greatest superhero films of all time.

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Review: “Get Out”

Over the last few months one film has received quite a bit of attention outside of the hustle and bustle and excitement associated with the Oscars and Golden Globes. While awards nomination season was ramping up movie fans began to learn of a rather unique-looking film, “Get Out”, that presented itself as a horror flick that dared to tread on the delicate ground of race relations in an era where the subject matter is quite the delicate topic of discussion. With the movie finally hitting theaters over the weekend we find what could have been an over-the-top and heavy-handed collection of horror clichés is actually quite the entertaining, and thought provoking film that deserves the outstandingly impressive accolades it has piled up in its first weekend on the big screen.

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Top Ten Bill Paxton Film Roles

On February 25th, only a day before the Oscars, actor Bill Paxton was pronounced dead at the age of 61 due to complications during heart surgery sending shocks through Hollywood and the hearts and minds of filmgoers everywhere. Paxton may not have been the biggest or most well known actor, but he left his mark on many iconic and enjoyable roles over the years in some of the most memorable films of the last few dacades. In honor of his acting greatness, I compiled a list of my top ten favorite Bill Paxton performances spanning much of his career, which started way back in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Why Casey Affleck Deserves His Oscar (Despite His History)

Despite all the drama around the Oscars this year, from the political boycott from conservatives to the epic Steve Harvey-esque screw-up during the announcement of the winner for Best Picture, many have also taken issue with Casey Affleck’s win for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The embattled younger brother of Ben Affleck, Casey earned his statuette for his amazingly powerful performance in “Manchester By The Sea” where he played a broken man with a past who is faced with the death of his brother and becomes caretaker to his estranged nephew. However, Affleck himself really does have a past with accusations of sexual misconduct muddling his image and taking the spotlight as his Oscar hopes began to take shape.

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Review: “A Cure For Wellness”

It’s not uncommon for a film to split audiences down the middle. Many films do. However it’s very rare that a film comes along that makes you want to like it, even when you believe its flaws outweigh its merits. This is the case for “A Cure For Wellness”, a horror thriller that tries really hard, maybe too hard, to be a modern classic. Despite falling short the film proves to be an entertaining, if not unsettling, modern horror gem, but it may fall short for fans outside of the genre.

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Review: “The Great Wall”

In the overabundance of “white washing” complaints littering Hollywood these days one film has been at the center of it all for some time, “The Great Wall”. The Matt Damon-driven monster film is far from the worst attempt at an action epic you will probably see this year or anytime in the future. A little bland, but fun to watch, “The Great Wall” is a decent attempt at a popcorn action flick despite the controversies surrounding its casting, even if it does fall short of any real expectation set for it.

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REVIEW: “The Lego Batman Movie”

Warner Bros. took one heck of a chance bringing the popular Lego construction bricks to life with “The Lego Movie”. Three years later they have taken one of their own most valuable character rights and one of “The Lego Movie’s” most popular characters and gave him his own film, “The Lego Batman Movie”, which manages to take one of those ”they’re out of ideas” concepts and makes it a legitimate an fun adventure that is a surprising joy to watch. While seemingly box office bait and a cash grab with a ridiculous concept, “The Lego Batman Movie” is a hilarious and a well-displayed bit of child-safe and adult-friendly entertainment with enough cheeky references and heart for any moviegoer to enjoy.

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REVIEW: “Rings”

Recent years have given us plenty of sequels and reboots that have made people wonder, “did we really need this”? Enter “Rings”, Paramount’s attempt at reviving one of the early 2000’s most iconic horror franchises to create an annual successor to the now complete “Paranormal Activity” saga. Although “Rings” breaths some new life into the series’ story, there’s little here to get excited about as it’s merely a generic popcorn horror flick that treads little new grounds even while adding to the mythos of “The Ring” and its central villain, Samara.

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REVIEW: “Split”

While he has certainly seen his share of critical failures, Director M. Night Shyamalan has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years with the under appreciated found-footage film “The Visit” shocking moviegoers in 2016 and “Devil”, which he wrote and produced, making its mark on modern horror in 2010. However many have waited for his true comeback film to arrive and it appears we finally have it in the form of the psychological horror thriller “Split”.

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Review: “John Wick: Chapter 2”

In 2014 Thunder Road Pictures released a modern action movie gem with “John Wick” which became a surprise success at the box office and reestablished Keanu Reeves as a legitimate cinematic badass. Now, three years later and joined with Lionsgate, the story continues in “John Wick: Chapter 2” which not only builds heavily on the characters and story from the first film, but proves to be a superior follow-up to the already excellent action thriller that came before it.

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Review: “The Founder”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, true stories can be a source for some of the best films on he silver screen. In today’s day and age it’s no surprise that one of the most intriguing stories is that of Ray Kroc and the beginning of an empire that is the McDonald’s fast food chain. With a powerfully talented cast, great pacing, and a strict avoidance of Hollywood tropes, “The Founder” may not be the most entertaining movie you’ll ever see, but in the style of similar films like “The Social Network” it takes a realistic and stripped down approach to telling a divisive origin story.

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REVIEW: “Patriot’s Day”

Being a journalist from Northeastern Connecticut and a fan of Boston sports the 2013 bombings of the Boston Marathon touched me on a very personal level. When I heard that a film would be made about the events it immediately became a must see for me as I wanted so much to see the emotion, fear, and aftermath of the bombings play out on screen in a way that showed an entire country how a city persevered and came together in the wake of a truly heinous act of violence. So naturally I came into “Patriots Day” with already high expectations and I can happily say I was not disappointed.

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