Review: “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

The DC Extended Universe dominated the first half of 2017 with “Wonder Woman” becoming a powerhouse at the box office despite the success of Marvel’s “Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2”. Not to be deterred, Marvel has come out swinging in the second half of the year with “Spider-Man Homecoming”, the first solo film in the MCU for one of the world’s most popular costumed heroes. After two Sony-exclusive Spider-man film series it wouldn’t have been a surprise if the new MCU reboot felt a bit stale. However, thankfully enough, “Homecoming” breaths new and deserving life into the adventures of Spidey and continues the home runs of comic book films in 2017.

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Ten Fun Facts About “Spider-man: Homecoming”


This weekend one of the year’s most anticipated action films hits the big screen with the first Spider-man centric film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Spider-man Homecoming”. In anticipation of the latest entry in the MCU I took a look at some fun facts about the film to get prepared for the fun.

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Review: “The Beguiled”

Every year there are a handful of films that catch my attention and make me truly intrigued to see the final product. One of those films for 2017 has been “The Beguiled”, a stylish drama film by director Sofia Coppola that won her the Best Director award at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival in May. Packed with engaging performances, beautiful cinematography, and a thought provoking story with a great backdrop during the Civil War, “The Beguiled” does not disappoint and is a film worthy of its overwhelming praise.

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Ten Great Films For the 4th of July


It’s the 4th of July, the day that America celebrates its independence and pride in the red, white and blue! While few films have actually used the holiday as a subject or backdrop, the patriotic nature of the holiday, it’s connection to the Revolutionary War, and it’s timing right in the heart of summer have made it the perfect time of year to enjoy a blockbuster or two or pop in a film celebrating patriotism. In honor of my home country’s iconic holiday I’m counting down the top ten films for the 4th of July.

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Review: “Despicable Me 3”

Love it or hate it, the “Despicable Me” franchise is still going strong with Gru and the divisive minions still on board for the ride. The third entry in the main franchise for Illumination Entertainment continues to provide charm and fun for the young and young at heart and surprisingly proves to be a superior film in the core “Despicable Me” trilogy, with the final product being more fun and balanced than the second film and more colorful and memorable than the movie that started the craze back in 2010.

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Top 10 Animated Studio Mascots


Over the years a handful of animation studios have come to dominate the cinematic scene, but as animated films have become more and more common popular studios made a habit of including some of their most iconic characters in their own logos. Others have taken a more unique approach with equally iconic figures that have never been seen in a big screen film before. Regardless, many of these mascots have become iconic representations of some of the top names in animation and today I’m counting down ten of the best.

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Trailer Reaction: “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”

Screen shot 2017-06-29 at 5.33.33 PM.png

Welcome back to the world of “Jumanji”!!! After much anticipation we finally have the first trailer for the sequel to the original Robin Williams-led 90s classic, giving us a look at what we can expect from “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”. I’ve watched the trailer a few times and have to say I’m pretty excited, so lets take a closer look shall we?

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Review: “Baby Driver”

Action has a new name and that name is Baby! Edgar Wright is back to his winning ways with his latest project, and his first American filmed movie, “Baby Driver”. It would be easy to say that “Baby Driver” is a good film just to stick with the crowd and add to its critical praise by necessity, but this reviewer is not pandering. In all reality “Baby Driver” is every bit as good as you’ve heard, and then some with top notch acting, writing, and storytelling that I promise is like few cinematic joyrides you’ve every experienced before.

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Ten Fun Facts About “Baby Driver”


Edgar Wright is back with his latest directorial project, the much anticipated “Baby Driver”. With a lot of buzz around the film and Edgar Wright’s amazing prowess and reputation at the helm I decided to take a look at some fun facts about this action flick to get you guys pumped up for what’s to come.

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Examining Sony’s “Spider-Verse”


Movie universes are all the rage lately and it looks like Sony is going to get in on the action, albeit by siphoning some success from the original trend starter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just hate superhero and comic films in general there’s no doubt you’ve heard about Sony’s proposed “Spider-Verse” (which is also the name of a Spider-Man story arc in the comics). I’m here to fill you in on what Sony plans for the future of the wall crawler with his new MCU film set to hit theaters in a couple weeks.

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Top Ten Daniel Day-Lewis Performances

This week one of Hollywood’s greatest dropped a bombshell as Daniel Day-Lewis revealed his retirement from acting following his upcoming final film, “Phantom Thread”. Day-Lewis has been a celebrated actor for years and while he has also been one of the business’s most selective, the roles he did decide to take have proven to be iconic. So in honor of his illustrious career I decided to take a look at the best from the best, the top ten Daniel Day-Lewis performances.

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Review: “Transformers: The Last Knight”

By now we all know what we should come to expect from a Michael Bay led “Transformers” movie: mindless action, an abundance of explosions, a bit of female exploitation, over-the-top attempts at culturally relevant comedy, and lot and lots of product placement. Despite the franchises horrendous quality record there’s always been at least one thing redeemable about any film in the series to this point. Unfortunately that ends with the latest addition to this tired franchise, “Transformers: The Last Night”, which fails to be even mildly mind numbingly entertaining presenting the most lifeless, dull, and unwatchable entry in this long-running cash grab to date.

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