REVIEW: “Patriot’s Day”

Being a journalist from Northeastern Connecticut and a fan of Boston sports the 2013 bombings of the Boston Marathon touched me on a very personal level. When I heard that a film would be made about the events it immediately became a must see for me as I wanted so much to see the emotion, fear, and aftermath of the bombings play out on screen in a way that showed an entire country how a city persevered and came together in the wake of a truly heinous act of violence. So naturally I came into “Patriots Day” with already high expectations and I can happily say I was not disappointed.

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REVIEW: “The Bye Bye Man”

Horror films have seen somewhat of a resurgence in the last year, in both popularity and quality, with films like the second “Ouija” film, “The Green Room”, “Don’t Breath” and others upping the anti for the modern horror classic in 2016. The first major theatrical horror film of 2017 “The Bye Bye Man” looked to continue that trend with a mysterious figure and an intriguing plot to draw the audience in. For all that “The Bye Bye Man” promised in it impressive marketing however the film is nothing more than a dry, scare-free pool of clichés that not only adds nothing to the horror genre, but is borderline unwatchable even by the most basic standards.

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Review: “La La Land”

After dominating the Golden Globes the public at large finally gets a chance to see what all the buzz is about with the wide release of the musical romance flick “La La Land”. On the outside the film may look unassuming, like any other relatively simple and colorful musical picture, but as much as some people may want to deny it “La La Land” is so much more. The film lives up to the hype in every way with an engaging story, magnificent writing, and memorable music that will make you not only believe in love and happiness in the face of adversity, but also restores faith in classical film styles and treads on creative and visual ground long thought outdated in a industry that certainly could use a bit of nostalgia.

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Review: “Fences”

It’s never easy to take material meant for a different medium and turn it into a successful motion picture. Video games, board games, television shows, and plays have all been the basis for films in the past, but in the case of the latest stage to silver screen adaptation, August Wilson’s Tony Award winning “Fences”, it’s as close to perfect as any film adaptation can be.

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Review: “Assassin’s Creed”

Video game movies aren’t necessarily a dime a dozen, but they have been growing in popularity in recent years with adaptations of “Angry Birds”, “Hitman”, “Ratchet & Clank”, “Need For Speed”, and “World of Warcraft” all being released since 2014 and yet another “Resident Evil” film on the horizon. Most of these are relatively bad movies in their own right and probably are not worth the time to pop them on the Blu-Ray or DVD player, but one new video game adaptation caught my attention. “Assassin’s Creed” is no masterpiece, but it’s a step in the right direction for a subgenre of films that, rightfully so, has gotten little respect. Still, that by no means makes it a “great” movie.

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Top 10 Actors & Actresses Who Hate Their Own Movies

While the life of an actor or actress may seem like a glorious one, sometimes even the most talented of stars find themselves with regrets and moments they wish they could take back in their careers.

It’s not uncommon to find that an actor is not too crazy about their part in a horrendous film, or even a masterpiece. So for my latest countdown I decided to shine some light on the most infamous incidents of actors and actresses hating their own movies and movie roles.

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Top Ten Movie Archers

Over the years the bow and arrow have become a defining weapon for some of the most popular and iconic characters in cinema. While not every archer holds a place in the history books, many have gone on to define generations of movie buffs as the “archer” archetype still stands as one of the longest running single characterizations of any in the industry.

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Top 15 Found Footage Films

To introduce an exciting feature to Cinema Spotlight I wanted to focus on a movie subgenre that I have been fascinated with for a very long time. The found footage filming style, where a movie is filmed through the lens or lenses of a camera or cameras to act as home made or documentary footage, has become a cliché in recent years, but the subgenre has created some of the scariest and most enjoyable films out there nonetheless. From its more common use in the world of horror to its application to other genres like science fiction and action, the found footage filming style puts the audience in the drivers seat and creates a movie-watching experience like no other.

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