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Box Office Breakdown Oct 5-7, 2018

It was a brutal battle at the box office as I expected with Sony’s “Venom” and Warner Bros. “A Star is Born” both premiering to kick off the month of October after a record September. Both films had two very different stories going into the weekend with “Venom” getting a lot of early negative buzz from critics and fans worried if the PG-13 version of the traditionally violent character would disappoint. On the other end “A Star is Born” received acclaim and early Oscar buzz while fans of Lady Gaga turned out to try and sabotage “Venom” in online reviews to earn the Warner Bros. remake a top spot opening. So who took the crown? Let’s take a look in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.

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Review: “The Wife”

Over the last few years female empowerment has reached a whole new level of relevance on the national stage. Feminism, neo-feminism, and the #MeToo movement have all played a hand in trying to inspire women to be stronger than the limits society has set upon them. While several films have touched on this movement one movie in particular that was released just a few weeks ago has quickly become a favorite and has begun to earn respect as a modern feminist classic. That film is “The Wife”. Based on the novel by Meg Wolitzer “The Wife” has gained a lot of attention for shedding some light on the sacrifices a wife makes for the sake of her husband’s success and the performances alone have made it a must see according to critics. With all the buzz surrounding it I final got to see it for myself and the big question is does “The Wife” balance its social commentary with grace or is it just another heavy-handed film living off the emotional weight of a modern movement? Let’s take a look. This is my review of “The Wife”.

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Box Office Breakdown: Sept. 28-30, 2018

This past weekend offered some great competition for the top movie at the box office with a new animated feature, a new comedy and a new horror movie all debuting in the final weekend of a successful September. After “Crazy Rich Asians” pretty much owned August we saw three different movies top the box office in the first three weekends of September. So did this past weekend give us September’s fourth different #1 or did the streak break with another repeat winner? Let’s take a look in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 2000s

The 2000s was a time of interesting change for cinema. Popular movies and award winning films were no longer one and the same as some of the best films of each year tended to flop and some of the best moments in those films were only recognized in hindsight. It was also a time where superhero movies experienced a significant resurgence and over the top performances were seen as more of an art than a stain on otherwise great projects. They all resulted in some of the best modern movie moments to hit the big screen to date. As we near the end of September my month-long look at the best moments in film continues with a breakdown of the last full decade of films and the moments that helped make them memorable. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 2000s.

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Box Office Breakdown, Sept. 21-23, 2018

Fall has officially begun and while the last couple of months have given us some huge hits and the box office is still on its way to record highs for the year last week brought a lackluster return for “The Predator” showing signs that the box office is leveling out. While October looks to be a big month September continues to be a slow one with a handful of new offerings over the weekend mostly underperforming. Did this result in a surprise repeat victory for “The Predator” or did a new name find its way to the top? Let’s take a look in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1980s

The 80s were an era when movies evolved from simply an art form to a form of shameless entertainment. Many classics debuted in this decade spawning countless iconic movie moments that were so plentiful in fact that my shortlist for today’s countdown consisted of 30 potential candidates. Obviously it was hard to narrow things down. Today I look at the movie moments that defined a generation in the post war era when teen angst, popular television shows and the possibilities of society’s future all helped form the basis of some of the most iconic moments in cinema history. Continuing my look at the greatest movie moments of all time let’s count down the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1980s.

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Box Office Breakdown, Sept. 14-16

It’s been a big few weeks for Warner Bros. who have held the top spot at the box office for over a month. This past weekend threatened to end that streak with a handful of new offerings taking over theaters nationwide. Still that doesn’t mean WB fell from the thrown. As we’ve seen over the past month or so the studio has somehow tapped into a market that promises staying power and the result of that made for a very competitive weekend as Fox, Lionsgate and Studio 8 looked to earn wrestle the top spot away. Did they succeed? Let’s find out in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.

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Box Office Breakdown, Sept. 7-9, 2018

Two new films came up to bat this past weekend looking to compete against three-peat frontrunner “Crazy Rich Asians” for the top spot. The romantic comedy had been a dominant force in cinemas throughout the month of August and looked to continue its strong push into September. Was “Crazy Rich Asians” able to hold on or did “The Nun” and “Peppermint” put up a good enough fight to finally change up the top spot of the chart? Let’s find out in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.

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Review: “I Kill Giants”

I don’t get to EVERY film in theaters especially since some movies are shown in extremely limited capacity on the big screen. I often ignore these movies simply because I don’t have the time to catch up on all of them over the course of the summer and fall, but one film has intrigued me all year that was finally available at my local RedBox for me to rent. That film is “I Kill Giants”, a small fantasy drama released in March on an extremely limited distribution. After watching the trailer, reading other reviews and researching the graphic novel on which it was based I found that the idea resembled one of my favorite movies from 2017, “A Monster Calls”. Since I loved that movie so much and I just happen to be on vacation this week I took some time to view “I Kill Giants” myself and see if it’s any good or a waste of time. This is my review of “I Kill Giants”.

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Top 10 Classic Movie Moments

A while ago Cinema Spotlight hit a hundred followers and I promised that I’d use the month of September to focus on a special collection of countdowns in celebration. Since the birth of film iconic moments have helped solidify movies and cinema as the go-to form of visual entertainment. In the process countless iconic moments have come to life on the big screen over the years giving birth to endlessly quotable lines, memorable visuals and cultural phenomena that even today are referenced endlessly by other movies, television shows and even people in their everyday lives. So, to celebrate 100 followers I decided to take a look at what I feel are the most noteworthy and iconic of those moments and started by going back to the humble beginnings of the film industry. Starting off my month of exploring the best moments in all of film I went back to the classics, movies that appeared before the 1950s, and found ten of the most iconic scenes the earliest forms of cinema provided for us. These are my picks for the Top 10 Classic Movie Moments.

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Box Office Breakdown Aug. 31 – Sept 2, 2018

Labor Day weekend has been a slow time of the year for cinemas in recent years with few blockbusters and more minor offerings taking center stage. However, there was at least some promise that a new number one could take over this weekend while “Crazy Rich Asians”, the champion the last two weeks, sought to continue to show some of the best staying power of any film in 2018. Was the romantic comedy able to hold on for a third week or did a newcomer take the top spot? Let’s take a look in my Box Office Breakdown for August 31 through September 2 of 2018.

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Box Office Breakdown, August 24-26, 2018

Last week I predicted that “Crazy Rich Asians” would fall from its top spot to second in favor of the new raunchy comedy “The Happytime Murders” at the box office. It seemed simple enough. A slow month, Melissa McCarthy who still has great marketability in a new project, and the usual trend of falling revenue in the second weekend of a film’s release all seemed to work in my favor. However, I don’t think I nor anyone else who watches the big screen saw the final results coming by any means. Was “The Happytime Murders” able to hold off the carryover romantic comedy hit or did “Crazy Rich Asians” have a crazy successful second weekend. Let’s get to it with this week’s Box Office Breakdown.

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