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Ever since the twist ending of “Split” revealed that the film was a sequel to “Unbreakable” last year fans have been waiting to see where this series would go next in the promised third entry from M. Night Shyamalan. Now we have at least an idea of where this series is headed thanks to the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for “Glass” which will hit theaters in 2019. It’s a trailer I was personally very excited to see and now I’m ready to break down the details and take a closer look at what this it has to offer. Let’s take a peak into the first trailer for “Glass”. As always you can watch the trailer in full at the end of this post. Here we go!

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Trailer Breakdown: “Aquaman”

There have been several big reveals at San Diego Comic-Con this year and while I’ll be breaking down several of them over the next few days possibly the biggest and most exciting sneak peak we got is our first trailer of “Aquaman”, the DC Extended Universes next cinematic venture focusing on the former butt of jokes water-based superhero who became a standout star of the “Justice League” movie thanks to a charismatic performance by Jason Mamoa. With a charming leading man, great lore and an accomplished director at the helm many are hoping for great things from this project. So let’s take a look at our first peak into what the film has to offer as I break down the first trailer for “Aquaman”. As always let me know if I missed anything in the comments below and you can watch the trailer in full at the end of this breakdown.

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Trailer Reaction: “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween”

Back in 2015 the popular childrens horror novel series “Goosebumps” got the cinematic treatment with Jack Black in the role of famed author R.L. Stine as well as one of the author’s most famous characters, Slappy the dummy. The film was a modest box office success earning $150 million on an $84 million budget warranting a sequel. Now that sequel is arriving in 2018 although this second film looks to be a bit different than the first, seemingly ditching Stine as an actually character as a new group of youngsters take on the living incarnations of the author’s popular monsters. The first teaser trailer doesn’t show us a whole lot, but it shows us enough. Let’s dive in and pick apart the details in the first trailer for “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween”. As always you can view the trailer in fill at the end of the breakdown.

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A few years ago we got a great cinematic spinoff from one of the most beloved franchises in modern movie history. “Creed” built off of the “Rocky” movies by putting the focus on the son of Apollo Creed and recaptured the charm and inspirational power the franchise was once known for. After a few years of waiting we finally get our first look at the long-promised sequel, “Creed II”, with a trailer released by MGM. With a plot that sets Adonis Creed up to avenge the death of his father in the ultimate grudge match, does this early look live up to the promise of the premise? Let’s break it down! You can view the full trailer for “Creed II” at the end of this post. Let me know if you found anything I missed in comments below.

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Disney continues its recent theme of live action reimaginings of their animated classics and this morning we got our first peak at one that has many excited, “Dumbo”. While the first trailer for “Dumbo” doesn’t offer us too much to sink our teeth into we get a good idea of what to expect with our first peak into how the famous elephant will look, a reveal of the villain and major characters and an idea of the tone Director Tim Burton will bring to the picture. Let’s not waste any time. Here’s a break down of the first trailer for 2019’s “Dumbo”. Give me your feedback on the trailer in the comments and you can view the trailer at the bottom of the page.

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TRAILER REACTION: “Halloween” (2018)

It’s been a big week for trailers but few have been more anticipated than this one. The famed movie slasher Michael Myers is back on the big screen this October and we finally have our first look at the new film that will be the final one to pit him against Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode. There’s a lot of fanfare and confirmation that this will be the true sequel to the very first legendary slasher film along with a pretty brutal confirmation of Myers’ capabilities in the movie. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s break down what this teaser has to offer. You can view the official trailer for “Halloween (2018)” at the end of this write-up. Let me know what you think about the trailer or if I missed anything of interest in the comments below.

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Could it “Bee”? Could it really really “Bee”? Alright bad pun but seriously yesterday’s first look at the new “Transformers” spinoff prequel “Bumblebee” turned out to be actually kind of cool and surpassed my expectations greatly. With five films now in the series the “Transformers” franchise needs a shot of quality film making to recapture the awe of the original. The first teaser trailer for “Bumblebee” looks like it might just provide that shot with sneak peaks at the central human character, Bee’s personality in the film and even a somewhat-surprise villain. Let’s break down the teaser trailer for Paramount Pictures’ “Bumblebee”. You can view the trailer at the end of this review. Please let me know in the comments what you think.

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I don’t do these a lot, but once in a while a film comes around that really makes me want to dig into the preview and considering this IS Marvel Month for Cinema Spotlight I decided to take a closer look at the just released new full-length trailer for Sony’s attempt at squeezing whatever they can out of their Spider-Man properties, “Venom”. With Tom Hardy in the lead role and a legion of fans hoping to see the character done justice “Venom” has a lot of pressure on its shoulders for success. Does the first full-length trailer live up to that hype? Let’s break it down! Don’t forget the check out the trailer for yourself at the end of this post and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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For only the second time in the studio’s history Pixar will release two films in a single year. Many have known about “Car 3” which debuted its trailer earlier this year, but we have heard very little about the studio’s second outing of the year, “Coco”…Until now! We finally got our first look at the film today with Disney and Pixar releasing the first trailer for the movie on social media. Continue reading “TRAILER BREAKDOWN : Pixar’s “Coco””