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Spotlight on Cinema: May 23-30, 2018

Last week I took a break from my news segment of the week to enjoy the holiday, but I’m back at it and there’s plenty to discuss from puppet properties going to war to an under-performing franchise prequel and even more news on the new “It” sequel planned for 2019. A new trailer has also been released with a look at a gritter take on the classic “Jungle Book” story and a few stories connected to the slew of sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood are also worth a mention. There’s a lot to get through so let’s get to it. Here’s this week’s Spotlight on Cinema.

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With several big trailer releases and the loss of one of the superhero genre’s original damsels in distress it’s been an interesting week for cinema. We also had a few new releases try to give Marvel a fight and we got some welcome news from an Oscar winning screenwriter about his next big project after a huge 2017. I’ve got a lot to cover in this week’s edition of Spotlight on Cinema so let’s get right to it! Remember to check back every week for more reviews, news and countdowns on Cinema Spotlight.

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A long time ago I tried to get into providing box office results every weekend, but I found this to be a bit cumbersome especially when I do most of my reviews during that time. So considering this is Cinema SPOTLIGHT I figured I’d do a better job at putting a spotlight on what’s going on in the world of movies and Hollywood with a new weekly news roundup called Spotlight on Cinema. Every Wednesday, or most Wednesdays at least, I’ll be posting news from the past week of film including trailer releases, box office notes, movie announcements and maybe some neat stories about actors and actresses to help keep you caught up on the world of movies and entertainment. Each news roundup will provide brief summaries of the stories and contain five or six stories to keep you up to date. This is not a move to embrace tabloid journalism. These are real stories from around the world of cinema. So let’s shine a spotlight on the past week of cinema news.

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