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In Memoriam: Burt Reynolds

The cinema world lost another legend on Thursday, September 6 as Burt Reynolds passed away in Florida after a long history of heart problems finally caught up with the actor at the age of 82. Known for being a manly man heartthrob and a classic rebel figure Reynolds brought several legendary film characters to life and eventually became one of the most respected fan favorite actors of his time. In honor of a true icon I’m looking back on his 60-year career in my latest addition of In Memoriam. Let’s pay homage to a man that defined the rough and tough ladies’ man, Burt Reynolds.

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In Memoriam: Michael Anderson

He was responsible for helping create a legendary science fiction film, a Best Picture winning comedy and an iconic World War II movie making him a favorite among classic film buffs for generations. On April 25, 2018 we lost director Michael Anderson at the ripe old age of 98 due to heart disease. His directorial career spanned over 50 years and resulted in some of his era’s most iconic productions that today remain among the most cherished films within their respective genres. He was able to guide productions through nearly any genre and today I look back at his illustrious career. Let’s take a look at the life and legacy of director Michael Anderson in the latest edition of “In Memoriam”.

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In Memoriam: Verne Troyer

He was an inspiring figure and one who earned a massive fanbase for portraying characters only he could truly capture due to his small stature. Verne Troyer may have not had the easiest life in the world, but he proved to be a capable actor and evolved from an iconic comedic figure into a role model for many to chase dreams and challenge limitations head on. Sadly, he left this world too early on April 21, 2018. In his honor I looked back at his career which involved several memorable roles and made him a runaway favorite in one of the most celebrated comedy trilogies of modern cinema. Time to look back at the life and career of Verne Troyer.

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In Memoriam: R. Lee Ermey

A soldier, an actor, and an iconic voice, many are familiar with the work of R. Lee Ermey. A man who basically founded the bad-ass sergeant stereotype in film, Ermey lent his vocal talents and real-world experience to many films and features over the years and chances are even if you think you didn’t know this soldier-turned-actor you probably saw at least one film with his signature vocal performance mixed in. An outspoken American, war veteran and a famous example of art imitating life, Ermey was a cherished figure right up to his passing on April 15 after complications from pneumonia. It’s been a while since I’ve done an “In Memoriam”, but this performer certainly deserves that kind of respect. Let’s look back at the life and career of R. Lee Ermey.

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