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Top 10 Slasher Movies

The slasher film. It’s a style of horror film that has become a genre all its own over the years making for some of the bloodiest, most terrifying and even sometimes the most stylish and self-aware films in all of horror. Almost every film in this genre follows the same premise, a usually masked or disguised villain hunts down a group of people or a single person with a sharp object leaving a trail of blood and death in their wake. While this may seem like a concept that would grow old fast a lot of movies have successfully utilized the idea which helped the slasher film become a genre all its own. With the new sequel to one of the most beloved slashers of all time, “Halloween”, in theaters this weekend I thought it was time to finally explore this subgenre-turned-genre of horror for myself. Where does “Halloween” fall on this list? Read on to find out. These are my picks for the Top 10 Slasher Movies.

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Top 10 Stephen King Horror Movies

Oh Stephen King. He’s both the butt of many jokes and a visionary that brought some of the most legendary horror novels to the masses. Many of those books have been adapted for the big screen, some by his own hand and some with more creative license attributed to them. Recently details about the newest adaptation of his books, a remake of “Pet Sematery”, have been released which had me reminiscing on the Stephen King films we’ve seen so far. Whether we like them or hate them and whether HE likes them or hates then Stephen King movies have become something of a genre all their own and while not all of them are horror films today I’m going to look at those that are meant to bring the fright today. These are my picks for the Top 10 Stephen King Horror Movies.

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Top 10 Kid- Friendly Horror Movies

While horror is obviously a very adult oriented genre that doesn’t mean kids can’t get in on the fun. In fact, horror is one of the few genres where even the most child-friendly material usually always includes an adult-friendly edge. In the 90s I was introduced to horror thanks to animated features that incorporated gothic themes and darker tones and over the years I’ve seen many quality products continue that trend using stop motion, computer animation and even live action. With a “Goosebumps” sequel on the way this weekend I thought it was the perfect time to look at some of my favorite horror movies that provide a perfect introduction for those still too young to embrace the more brutal aspects of one of cinema’s most popular genres. These are my picks for the Top 10 Kid-Friendly Horror Movies.

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Top 10 Zombie Movies

October is horror month here at Cinema Spotlight and throughout the month I’ll be posting a variety of different horror-themed countdowns to explore the best this genre of fear and suspense has to offer. That said what better place to start than with one of the most popular horror genres of recent years, the zombie movie? It’s the perfect time for it too seeing as “The Walking Dead” returns this weekend. So maybe some of these cinematic features can serve as a warm up for our return to the zombie apocalypse on Sunday. The zombie craze, while dying down, is still in full force so today I’m going to explore the best cinematic features that incorporate the concept in their stories. These are my picks for the Top 10 Zombie Movies.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1950s

While there were countless classic movies over the course of the early years of film it was in the 50s that the medium started to find its footing with more definitive genres, riskier productions touching on a wider range of relevant themes, and visual styles that would set the standard for years to come. The 50s also brought us some of the most legendary moments in film as everything from risqué interactions to thrilling chase scenes, monologues and career defining snapshots and quotes all started to make their mark. Continuing my ongoing look at the best and most iconic moments in cinema for the month of September I decided to explore this decade and pick out moments I felt were the most notable from a decade filled with amazing films that today still stand the test of time. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1950s.

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Ten Anticipated Films of Fall 2018

Fall movie season is upon us! Not going to lie this is one of my favorite times of the year not only because the next few months bring me into my favorite season on the calendar as a New Englander, but also because some of the most interesting and fun movies tend to come out in September and October to kick things back into gear after the dead months of August. Since the fall movie season starts next weekend I took a look at some of the most anticipated upcoming releases of the next two months and hopefully this will give you an idea of what you might want to see at a theater near you. These are Ten Anticipated Films of Fall 2018.

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Top 10 Nostalgic 90s Movies

I am a proud Millennial and 90s kid. Growing up I was introduced to film through classics like “The Lion King”, “Toy Story”, “Jurassic Park” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” just to name a few which have all become classics in cinema and landmark movies of the decade. However, these are far from the only films to define the 90s generation as many other nostalgic 90s properties are a little more overlooked today. While the aforementioned movies have stood the test of time as legendary cinematic works that are as respected today as they were back then other films are more nostalgic for those who grew up enjoying them because of their impact at the time even if today they are less respected or even largely ignored except by the most devoted of fans they still serve as flashbacks to a decade gone by. Those are the movies I wanted to tackle today as I took a look back into my childhood and pulled out some of my favorite 90s flicks that I feel represent nostalgia of the decade but aren’t necessarily considered must-watch products as landmark examples of cinema. They’re more a snapshot of 90s culture than anything else. So let’s take a walk down memory lane. These are my picks for the Top 10 Nostalgic 90s Movies.

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Top 10 Robotic Allies in Movies

A little more pandering for your week. “The Happytime Murders” isn’t the only film being released this weekend. Another, more family friendly adventure called “A-X-L” will also hit theaters telling the story of a young man who befriends a mechanical dog built to protect and assist soldiers. Sound familiar? That’s became while this exact promise may not be overdone the idea is. With the evolution of technology came the ever-growing idea in entertainment of humans and machines teaming up and becoming best friends. Thus, we get robots, androids, cyborgs and the like becoming mechanical sidekicks or even the main characters helping humans and other organic being through their stories. While “A-X-L” may not be destined to break the bank at the box office it still gave me an opportunity to look at this popular modern film trope and examine those robotic partners or sidekicks that have stood the test of time. These are my picks for the Top 10 Robotic Allies in Movies.

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Top 10 Robin Williams Performances

He was one of the most entertaining men of comedy, an inspiring personality and an iconic actor and performer like few the world has ever seen, and he just happened to be one of my personal favorites. Over the weekend we mourned the four-year anniversary of the passing of an icon, Robin Williams. I remember the day I found out Williams committed suicide. It changed my perspective on life as a movie fan and as a person as it did many others. His impact on the 90s generation is undeniable and his career spans well before, and well after, that decade as well. The Oscar winner and multi-Golden Globe winner has an extensive filmography of iconic and memorable performances even if he may have been the only good thing about some of his movies. To honor a man who is largely responsible for helping grow my interest in movies as a kid I decided to finally take a look at this actor’s best and most iconic roles. These are my picks for the Top 10 Robin Williams Performances.

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Top 10 Shark Movies

I LOVE shark movies. This predator has fascinated me for pretty much my entire life bringing fear and amazement to my brain every time I think about it. Hell, my first career goal in life was to become a marine biologist before I found my passion to be more in communications and writing than the sciences. Still I find myself drawn to films that put this legendary predator front and center. This weekend we see the shark’s great ancestor the Megalodon take center stage in “The Meg” giving us what could be one of the most innocently campy and entertaining shark films of all time. So naturally I went back and looked at other innocently campy shark movies of the past, and even ones that were pretty good as cinematic art. It’s a list I held on to specifically for the release of this film. These are my picks for the Top 10 Shark Movies.

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Top 10 Failed Film Franchises Based on YA Novels

I’m not going to lie even at 28 I still enjoy a good young adult novel series now and then. I even enjoy it when my favorite such books are turned into movies and let’s face it this is a formula that works because it targets growing movie fans looking for something to relate to. However, believe it or not these franchises fail more than they offer good returns. For every “Harry Potter” franchise there is an “Eragon”. For every “Maze Runner” there is a “Golden Compass”. Whether it’s due to an overuse of creative license or just simply poor filmmaking many young adult franchises fall long before they have the chance to reach their conclusion. With a new hopeful franchise launching this weekend in “The Darkest Minds” I decided to put together my own version of an overdone list many others before me have covered and explore those young adult franchises that tried and failed. These are my picks for the Top 10 Failed Film Franchises Based on YA Novels.

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Top 10 Spy Comedy Movies

There are so many spy movies out there they’ve created a genre all their own, but the concept of the spy film is not just limited to action. More often than not spy movies also branch out into the comedy genre making for some wild antics and hilarious circumstances. In fact, despite my normal disposition towards comedies I’d go so far as to say that spy comedy movies are among my favorite in the genre which is why I decided to put the focus on them with their own list. Since a new spy comedy “The Spy Who Dumped Me” is coming out this weekend I thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at the best films that blended action, humor and intrigue. These are my picks for the Top 10 Spy Comedy Movies.

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