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Top 20 Movie Moments of All Time

Movies provide us with a chance to escape and enjoy possibilities, realities, and awakenings the real world can’t ever quite replicate. While only a few films have ever managed to resonate as a whole project many contain single scenes or moments that have had lasting appeal and have become ingrained in pop culture, in some cases for decades. Throughout the month of September I have been exploring some of the best of these moments in the history of film. After exploring seven decades of film and the classics that preceded the 50s the time has come for my picks of the best of the best. A total of 36 moments qualified for consideration to be on this ultimate list. Now let’s take a look at the ones that impressed or left a strong enough impact to earn recognition beyond their decade. At long last these are my picks for the Top 20 Movie Moments of All Time.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 2010s (So Far)

While we still have one more year in the 2010s this decade has already provided some awesome movie moments worth checking out. Despite being an era filled with franchises, remakes, reboots and tired ideas the 2010s have managed to form their own identity by upping the ante in almost every genre giving us some moments that pay homage to the past and other moments that remind us that even if the property isn’t original the twists, turns and smaller moments can still stand out in the right hands. Even though we have one more year for movies to offer us some memorable scenes and moments today I’ll be concluding my series of cinema’s greatest moments by looking at the best of the current decade. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 2010s (So Far).

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 2000s

The 2000s was a time of interesting change for cinema. Popular movies and award winning films were no longer one and the same as some of the best films of each year tended to flop and some of the best moments in those films were only recognized in hindsight. It was also a time where superhero movies experienced a significant resurgence and over the top performances were seen as more of an art than a stain on otherwise great projects. They all resulted in some of the best modern movie moments to hit the big screen to date. As we near the end of September my month-long look at the best moments in film continues with a breakdown of the last full decade of films and the moments that helped make them memorable. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 2000s.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1990s

Oh the 90s. I have a soft spot for this decade because it was the era I grew up in meaning many of the moments on today’s list were essential to my maturing as a fan of movies and cinema. The 90s saw subgenres take hold, CGI become more perfected and fluid and some of the greatest directors of our time bring some of the best moments in film to life. These cinematic moments pushed the boundaries of the medium both on a technological level and in terms of what content was acceptable for the public eye. It’s time to take a look at some of the best moments to come out of a decade that set a new standard for films and established the most recent selection of films that can truly be considered nostalgic classics. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1990s.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1980s

The 80s were an era when movies evolved from simply an art form to a form of shameless entertainment. Many classics debuted in this decade spawning countless iconic movie moments that were so plentiful in fact that my shortlist for today’s countdown consisted of 30 potential candidates. Obviously it was hard to narrow things down. Today I look at the movie moments that defined a generation in the post war era when teen angst, popular television shows and the possibilities of society’s future all helped form the basis of some of the most iconic moments in cinema history. Continuing my look at the greatest movie moments of all time let’s count down the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1980s.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1970s

The 70s saw the debut of cross-genre classics, some of the most iconic Best Picture winners in history, the rise in relevance of war films and a new age of more aggressive visual and filming styles that set a new bar for cinema for decades to come. Narrowing down the best moments of this awesome decade of film was no easy task. From a shortlist of 25 candidates, all from different films, I managed to narrow down the list to just ten iconic scenes to continue my countdown to the best moments ever in film. In a decade featuring some of the greatest and most revolutionary cinematic achievements there’s a lot to cover. So let’s get down to it. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1970s.

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Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1960s

The 60s was an era of film that took the leaps that were made during the preceding decade and built on those advancements to help the medium grow into a juggernaut of entertainment. Westerns, comedies, historical epics and other genres all thrived during this time while science fiction evolved into one of the premier genres of film and a man known as James Bond made his cinematic debut. Throughout this decade some of the most quotable lines, iconic filming styles and even some of the most terrifying and graphic horror scenes for the time all left a lasting impact as iconic examples of the magic of filmmaking at its best. Today we time travel back to the 60s and explore the best movie moments I could find that remain iconic, memorable and often imitated but never truly duplicated to this day. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Moments of the 1960s.

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Top 10 Classic Movie Moments

A while ago Cinema Spotlight hit a hundred followers and I promised that I’d use the month of September to focus on a special collection of countdowns in celebration. Since the birth of film iconic moments have helped solidify movies and cinema as the go-to form of visual entertainment. In the process countless iconic moments have come to life on the big screen over the years giving birth to endlessly quotable lines, memorable visuals and cultural phenomena that even today are referenced endlessly by other movies, television shows and even people in their everyday lives. So, to celebrate 100 followers I decided to take a look at what I feel are the most noteworthy and iconic of those moments and started by going back to the humble beginnings of the film industry. Starting off my month of exploring the best moments in all of film I went back to the classics, movies that appeared before the 1950s, and found ten of the most iconic scenes the earliest forms of cinema provided for us. These are my picks for the Top 10 Classic Movie Moments.

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Top 10 Movie Trilogies of All Time

Happy Memorial Day everybody! This month I decided to do something unique and look at one of my favorite clichés in movie, the trilogy. Over the last few weeks I have revealed my picks for the best trilogies of all time splitting them into classics, modern classics, trilogies of 2010s so far, and thematic trilogies. With sixteen qualifying for my best of all time list I took on the daunting and difficult task of narrowing them down to the very best. So as promised to close out my first ever Cinema Spotlight Series let’s get to it. These are my picks for the Top 10 Movie Trilogies of All Time. And, before I continue, a special thank you to all veterans who have served the great nation of the United States.

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Top 10 Thematic Film Trilogies

Not every movie trilogy contains a unified story. Some trilogies are related more by a theme than anything else. Dubbed Nontraditional Trilogies or more professionally known as “Thematic Trilogies” these movies are usually linked by a common director, common themes, and/or common settings, characters, actors or concepts. Rather than including them in my previous trilogy lists I decided to give these three-part series a list all their own and explore the greatest trilogies that may not make up a full story but are all related in some way. These are my picks for the Top 10 Thematic Film Trilogies.

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Top 10 Trilogies of the 2010s (So Far)

Superheroes, warring apes, action icons, animated martial arts masters and an a capela groups were just a few of the characters that made up these modern movie trilogies. The 2010s have brought us some great film series as the search for franchise success has become the norm in the industry. Yes, we still have another year or two for numerous trilogies to close out there runs, with movies like “John Wick Chapter 3”, “Glass” and “How to Train Your Dragon 3” among several trilogy closers scheduled for release next year that MAY require a redux of this list. All the same I have a series to continue today so after examining the best classic and modern classic trilogies it’s time to look at the best three-part film series of this decade so far. These are my picks for the Top 10 Trilogies of the 2010s.

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Top 10 Modern Classic Trilogies

While the concept of a film trilogy was nothing new in the 90s, it’s safe to say the idea of marketing films as a full-fledged series erupted as an industry staple during that time. That mentality didn’t fade away in the 2000s either, making those two decades rife with memorable three-part film series that still hold up today. Many of these series have become modern classics and that’s what this list focuses on today as I continue my first Cinema Spotlight Series exploring the greatest film trilogies of all time. It’s time for part two, the Top 10 Classic Modern Trilogies (90s and 2000s).

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