Coronavirus Update and Best of 2010s Month!

Hi everybody!

So, it’s been a bit since I have posted anything here on Cinema Spotlight and with good reason. Not only has the film industry pretty much shut down due to the pandemic making content a little slim, but I also work in several fields that have required all of my attention in the past week. As a journalist I cover several local communities and their ongoing fights to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However my full-time job is with a local nonprofit providing services and food resources to those in need and with more and more jobs being lost, hopefully temporarily, due to the virus outbreak we have worked harder than ever over the past week providing for those in need before any potential high-level shutdowns or quarantines go into place. It has been a humbling experience and one that made me realize how much I truly enjoy doing this blog and watching movies as a way to escape the stress of life and relax from a hard day.

I also realize that, like many, quarantine and social distancing, a term I despise honestly preferring PHYSICAL distancing which comes with less extreme connotations in my opinion, have a lot of us bored and looking for stuff to invest in until this pandemic is over. So I want to try and help keep you all entertained and continue to share my thoughts and provide an outlet for you to share your opinion on movies and cinema not only for my own personal form of escapism but yours as well even if it only takes up a few minutes of your day.

So, I decided that since we won’t have many new films out in the coming weeks…or well, months really, I would do some fun things with this blog that I’ve been holding off. Since we are in a new year I decided that I would move up my planned BEST OF THE DECADE countdowns for movie genres to April and maybe some in May as well and by June I’ll count down what I believe are the best movies of the last ten years. I’ll do one or two lists a week qualifying films from each list for my overall Best of the 2010s movie list before revealing my top ten movies of the decade. During this time I’ll also be reviewing films that I have missed over time that are now being released to streaming or were not released wide enough in theaters for me to see in my region.

I hope everyone stays safe, stays healthy and, as always, I appreciate all of your support. Remember, this is a team effort and we’re all in this together! That’s not a cliche…at this point everyone across the world, for probably the first time in history, is truly fighting the same battle. As Captain America once said “this is the fight of our lives and we’re going to win…whatever it takes!”

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