“Frozen II” Puts Competition on Ice with Massive Global Opening

Everyone knew that Disney would have a hit on their hands with their release of “Frozen II” over the weekend, the only question was just how big was this movie going to be. With little relevant competition and only the Mr. Rogers movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” standing in the way the sequel to the 2013 phenomenon “Frozen” was always going to win this weekend battle, but after so many years and so much hype there remained the question of whether or not the movie could escape the consequences of oversaturation and become one final hit for Disney’s animation studio in the 2010s. Let’s see how “Frozen II” and other films made out in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.


Of course, as I said, “Frozen II” earned the top spot easily with a massive $127 million domestic debut, more than every other movie in the top twenty combined. “Frozen II” dethroned Fox’s “Ford v. Ferrari” which fell to second a week after handing Disney its first true win with Fox since buying the studio in early 2019. “Frozen II” continued Disney’s successful decade of modern animated classics by becoming the fifth largest November opening of all time. By comparison the original film only earned $15.5 million in its true wide release weekend (it initially opened in one single theater) but eventually went on to gross over $400 million domestically and $1.2 billion at the global box office. Speaking of global, internationally “Frozen II” earned another $223 million for an estimated global debut of $350 million making it the number one movie in every market it appeared in over its first weekend. The sky is the limit for “Frozen II” as well because there are no major animated films on the way until Christmas week when Disney subsidiary Blue Sky will release “Spies in Disguise”. You can read my review of “Frozen II” by clicking here.


While “Frozen II” was certainly the center of attention over the weekend another long-awaited movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, made its debut from Sony. Focusing on Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers who helps a journalist find new perspective on life the film earned rave reviews and scored a respectable $13.5 million for a third place finish, right around where industry experts and the studio expected it to land. You can read my review of the movie by clicking here. In fourth we find the other new entry on the chart, “21 Bridges”, which I sadly did not get to see but do plan to give a chance in the coming weekend if I can. That film earned a $9.3 million opening weekend domestically. Rounding out the top five was last week’s runner-up “Midway” while “Playing with Fire”, “The Good Liar”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Last Christmas”, and “Joker” rounded out the top ten. Falling out of the top grouping were “Harriet”, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” and “Doctor Sleep” which continues to perform underwhelmingly after only three weekends.


Expect “Frozen II” to have possibly one of the biggest second weekends of the year over the holiday as those who haven’t see the movie will no doubt make time to experience it during the Thanksgiving break. It will likely maintain the top spot over the weekend with only two new movies gearing up to challenge, the mystery comedy “Knives Out” and Universal’s new thriller “Queen & Slim”. Neither film is expected to earn the top spot, but we’ll see how well they do against the rest of the competition this time next week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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