Warner Bros. Dominates Weekend as “Endgame” Looms

It was a relatively slow Easter weekend with only a few new releases and holdovers looking to benefit from the three-day holiday before “Avengers: Endgame” begins its inevitable domination. Before perhaps the biggest cinematic release of the decade makes its mark movies new and old were looking to grab whatever attention they could and the battle came down to a new horror offering from Warner Bros. and a faith-based feature that serves as a landmark release from Disney. Which one took home the Easter crown? Let’s find out in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.


It was horror that took the win on Easter weekend and gave Warner Bros. their third weekend at the top with “The Curse of La Llorona”. The latest entry in the “Conjuring” Universe surpassed expectations and earned a debut of $26.5 million despite middling to negative reviews from critics. “La Llorona” debuted internationally to $30 million bringing its worldwide gross to $56.5 million, more than enough to surpass its $9 million budget which is in line with almost any horror film these days. You can read my review of “The Curse of La Llorona” here. Warner Bros. held on to the top two spots on the chart with the DC film “Shazam!”, which held the lead for the last two weeks, taking in $17.3 million to finish second as it prepares for heavy competition from Marvel this coming weekend. “Shazam!” has now topped $322 million worldwide.


In third we find “Breakthrough”, the first release by Fox under Disney ownership. The faith-based feature earned $11.1 million throughout the Easter weekend, a popular weekend for religious releases, and when adding in Wednesday previews scored a $14.6 million five-day debut. Disney also held the fourth spot through Marvel Studios with “Captain Marvel” which benefited from some pre-“Endgame” love to earn another $9.1 million and a six-percent increase in viewership as fans embraced marathon rewatches in preparation for the fourth “Avengers” movie. Universals’ comedy “Little” fell from second to fifth earning $8.45 million in its second weekend. “Dumbo”, “Pet Sematary”, “Us”, “Missing Link” and “Hellboy”, which took a hard drop from third to tenth, rounded out the rest of the top ten.


The winner next week is pretty much a forgone conclusion. “Avengers: Engame” will conclude a 22-film story arc and bring the events of last year’s smash hit “Avengers: Infinity War” to a close. Some projections have it as a record opening and pre-release ticket sales have done nothing to quell those theories. This is going to be a cinematic event no matter how good or bad it ends up being. Look for my review of “Endgame” this weekend and tune in next Monday to see just how much the film dominates.

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