Four Newcomers Challenge “Shazam!” for Box Office Throne

The Box Office has had quite the run since “Captain Marvel” repeated for two weeks at the top in early March. Since then no film has been able to repeat at the top spot and going into this past weekend another superhero film, DC’s “Shazam!”, was hoping to break that streak of different chart toppers. However it had to fend of four newcomers  including ANOTHER comic book adaptation, a female-led comedy, a teen-romance film and a new animated feature. Was “Shazam!” able to work its magic for a second weekend? Let’s find out in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.


In fact, it was “Shazam!” that held the top spot for the second consecutive weekend. With a drop of around 53% “Shazam!” held strong with a $25 million sophomore effort, good enough for a second week at the top of the chart. This brings the film’s domestic run to $95 million after just two weekends. Globally “Shazam!” earned another $35.9 million overseas bringing its worldwide total to $258.8 million, a solid start for a film based on one of DC’s more obscure properties. With only a new horror film on the way as major competition “Shazam!” has real prospects of possibly seeing a three-peat before “Avengers: Endgame” makes its mark in the final weekend of April.


All four newcomers from the weekend landed in the top ten, but each one brought different headlines as some surpassed expectations and others bombed on arrival. Leading the newcomers was “Little”, a female-led comedy that earned $15.5 million in its opening scoring a second-place debut. I didn’t get to see this film, but it is on my radar. I may be taking a chance on it with the slow Easter weekend coming up so my take on the movie may be a little late but it could very well be forthcoming. Instead I put my eggs in the “Hellboy” basket this weekend taking a chance on the Lionsgate reboot of the Dark Horse comics characters cinematic ventures. I hated this movie, as did many others, and if you want to know just how little I enjoyed it you can read my review here. Production troubles were an early sign of problems with the film and many fans didn’t appreciate the new take on the character originally brought to the big screen years ago by Guillermo del Toro. It showed as “Hellboy” only took in $12 million, well below the $20 million expectation from the studio. The other two new entries landed outside the top ten. Aviron’s teen romance drama “After” earned more than expected debuting in eighth with $6 million while right behind it in ninth was “Missing Link”, a new stop motion animated film by Laika that under performed earning only $5.9 million despite great critical reception. Personally, I highly recommend you see this film as it’s one of the best animated offerings I’ve seen all year. You can read my review of “Missing Link” here.


Looking at the rest of the top ten, last week’s runner-up “Pet Sematary” dropped two spots to fourth earning $9.7 million bringing its domestic numbers to $40.8 million, nearly twice it’s production budget. With a new horror film on the horizon for this weekend it faces tough competition as a holdover going into the rest of the month. “Dumbo” closed out the top five while “Captain Marvel” fell from the top five for the first time. The horror hit “Us” held on to seventh” while “The Best of Enemies” closed out the top ten. “Unplanned”, “Five Feet Apart”, “Wonder Park” and “How to Train Your Dragon 3” were all pushed out of the top ten.


Going into the weekend “The Curse of La Llorona” is the only major new wide release. The horror offering is the second film of 2019 (after “Us) to be called a new horror classic although only time will tell if it really holds up to those early reviews. “La Llorona” could offer a nice bit of fun for fans prior to the inevitable domination of “Avengers: Endgame” but with “Pet Sematary” and “Us” filling the last few weeks with horror material it will be interesting to see if fans are willing to flock to the theater for more frights. Also debuting is the religious themed film “Breakthrough” and the Disneynature documentary “Penguins”. We’ll see who takes the win this time next week.

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