Trailer Breakdown: “Avengers: Endgame” Official Trailer

So, a while ago I broke down the first trailer we got for “Avengers: Endgame”. It was a short sneak peek trailer barely giving us anything to work to determine what we can expect from the fourth film in the “Avengers” series and the final film in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then We’ve gotten some promotional shots, a few peeks at the concept art and a Super Bowl teaser that showed only a few more glimpses of what remains of the MCU after Thanos snapped his fingers. Now, with barely a month to go before the film’s debut, we finally got what is being considered the OFFICIAL trailer, a more extensive collection of scenes that brings everything we’ve seen so far to the table and then some. Usually I only break down the first trailers of films, but with an epic production like “Endgame” that has held so much so close to the chest to avoid spoilers, I think it deserves another look. So here is my breakdown of the official trailer for “Avengers: Endgame”. What did you think of the new trailer? If you found anything I missed let me know in the comments below and, as always, the full trailer can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The all starts at the beginning, flashing back to the journeys of three of the MCU’s most iconic heroes, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Considering that this is expected to be the final adventure for at least Captain America and possibly Tony Stark and Thor it seems only appropriate that “Endgame” pay homage to these heroes and their journeys even if only in the trailer. First we explore Iron Man’s journey with a shot of Tony Stark after escaping his captivity in the Mark 1 in 2008’s “Iron Man”. This plays into Tony continuing his recorded message to Pepper Potts that we first saw him making in the original “Endgame” teaser. Tony says in his message that he was hoping to pull on “one last” surprise which to me might involve what we saw him and Nebula making in the Super Bowl teaser. Maybe Tony was trying to find a way home using what he had on hand and couldn’t get it done, thus inspiring him to make a last will and testament. After all Tony has gotten himself out of multiple jams by thinking outside the box before, including escaping the Ten Rings, overcoming palladium poisoning, and escaping death at the hands of Killian and his goons. Time after time he has been able to make something happen and this time it looks more hopeless than ever. Would anyone blame him for finally believing he may have put himself in a position where he can’t perform one last miracle?

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

It then moves to Captain America. We see shots from “The First Avenger” when Steve Rogers first made his transformation into the patriotic hero. We also see him carrying Peggy Carter’s casket at her funeral from “Captain America: Civil War” reminding us of what Cap has lost, both in time and in loved ones. Agent Carter’s voice is heard repeating what she told Cap in “The Winter Soldier” about how he has changed and sometimes the best someone can do is to “start over”. It’s a powerful statement and one fitting of Cap’s situation as he has lost his biggest battle and now he must figure out how to make things right starting from scratch. It’s not exactly what Peggy meant, but still, it makes sense. On the other hand, it could point to Cap’s changing perspective. Any other time Cap would take Peggy’s words to heart, but now he has lost Agent Carter, he lost the most important fight of his life which resulted in the decimation of half of all known living thing in the universe and, possibly for the first time since getting his powers, he feels hopeless and powerless to change the world for the better. He’s lost too much to just “start over” now so he may be realizing Peggy was wrong rather than finding himself inspired by her words. He wants to do whatever it takes to reverse the damage that has been done.

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Cap’s feelings of loss and the importance of not giving up are punctuated by another Avenger’s own situation, Hawkeye’s, who we see training his daughter in archery, a happier time clearly interrupted by the snap. Many, including myself, have speculated Hawkeye’s whole family is decimated from the snap which leads him to take the mantel of Ronin which was hinted at in past “Endgame” teasers. That very scene we originally saw of Hawkeye cleaning off a sword in his Ronin getup is expanded in this trailer which shows Black Widow finding Hawkeye clearly distraught. However, he appears happy to see his old friend as they take each other’s hands and why wouldn’t he be? Hawkeye likely lost everything and finding someone important to him still alive probably helps give him hope. Also let’s go back to the archery for a second. Could it be that Hawkeye’s daughter becomes Kate Bishop, a female character who took up the Hawkeye mantle in the comics? That would be pretty cool right? Passing the torch so to speak…

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Getting back to the flashbacks we move on to Thor, another hero who has suffered great loss. He’s lost his mother, his father, his brother, his best friend, his planet, and more than half of his people, some at the hand of Thanos himself pre-snap. Once a self-centered man-child Thor has become one of Marvel’s strongest leaders and heroes. It’s in his montage that we see flashbacks of some of the heroes we lost in “Infinity War” as Black Panther, Falcon and others fade away after the snap. Thor recalls seeing so many people die and I think this is meant to represent his regret that he almost stopped Thanos but he failed. He came the closest and he didn’t finish it. In one line and a few short clips Thor’s journey comes full circle. He’s grown so much over the years but he let himself get cocky. He let the immaturity of his younger days come to the surface again and instead of killing Thanos he monologued allowing Thanos to win. That kind of revelation, especially seeing all the loss he could have prevented first hand, has to be hard to swallow. Thus, the trailer brings us up to speed on the three original Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, and gives us more insight into Hawkeye’s story which was absent from “Infinity War”.

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

In probably the most interesting aspect in a Marvel trailer since the Infinity Gauntlet itself, Black Widow/Natasha’s hair has me questioning things from this trailer. As shown above, Natasha has her red hair back at some point in the film, but notice the blond tips. In “Infinity War” Natasha has short blond hair (likely colored to disguise her since she was on the run after “Civil War”). Now her hair is much longer and back to its red color. Many people have theorized that “Endgame” will see plenty of time gone by after the snap and it appears this indeed happens. BUT It would have taken months, maybe over a year for her hair to grow out the way and yet later on in this trailers final moments (which includes an interaction between a certain God and female hero) and in past teasers, her hair is back to its short and blond state again. We saw Natasha still had her blond hair in the first trailer when Steve says his plan has to work and Ant-Man finds his way to Avengers HQ. So this implies that it doesn’t take a long time for the heroes to come together. Instead, it implies that the heroes come together and it takes significant time to accomplish that mission Who would have thought Black Widow’s hair would be the most frustrating Easter egg for me in this trailer. Oh, and speaking of Ant-Man…

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Next up is this shot above of Ant-Man/Scott Lang looking at a poster on a tree or telephone pole near a house that looks abandoned. The posters on the pole are “Missing” posters which you’d expect to be around in abundance since half of the world was eliminated with the snap. So why is this important? Because last we saw Scott Lang it was in the mid-credits scene for “Ant-Man and The Wasp” when he was trapped in the Quantum Realm after he entered as part of an experiment and was unable to return when Hope and Jane Van Dyne and Hank Pym were turned to dust in the snap. A lot of people assume this will lead to time travel being a part of “Endgame” but while that’s not hinted at specifically in this trailer this moment here does show that Scott is confused by the large number of missing individuals. It looks like he has just found his way back to the world and is shocked by the state of the world around him. We know from later scenes in this trailer and the final stinger in the original “Endgame” trailer that he finds his way back to the Avengers, but we don’t know how he finds his way out of the Quantum Realm just yet. The only thing we know for certain is he doesn’t know why he became trapped. He is completely unaware of the events of “Infinity War”.

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

I want to touch on this…well, touching moment above for a second. This appears to show Natasha leaning against Hawkeye’s hand in a manner that we’re not used to seeing from her, especially with Hawkeye. We know the two are close and have been on many missions together. In fact, they’re considered like family as revealed in “Age of Ultron”. However, this is the first time we’ve seen this kind of interaction between the two. It almost borders on romantic although we know the two are not into each other that way. Or are they…I don’t think so. What I do think is this serves as a tender moment between friends. Black Widow is happy that her best friend is alive which makes for this nice moment where she embraces him in a way that otherwise isn’t necessarily in her character. Honestly, after everything they’ve been through, I think we’ll see a lot of things from these heroes we’re not used to seeing.

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

With about a minute left after Natasha’s unexpected show of emotion, we get to the good stuff. Finally, we get scenes from what looks like the final battle and boy does it look epic. What’s interesting though is we don’t see Thanos. Some have speculated there is a surprise alternate villain in the film, and that might be true and could explain why we haven’t seen anything from the big purple Titan yet. Either that or there are details to the final battle that Marvel doesn’t want to share. Not all of these shots appear to be from the same battle though. Some feel out of context. Among the action shots are Hawkeye escaping an explosion, the above shot of Rocket cocking a gun on Warmachine’s shoulder, Ant-Man shrunk down moving a level of some sort, Thor holding a lightning-powered Stormbreaker, Nebula enraged in battle, a still blond Black Widow is in the middle of target practice, and Captain America tightening his shield onto his wrist with one of the most enraged looks we’ve ever seen on his face. What we don’t see though is any sign of Iron Man in the right. We only see a close-up shot of Tony Stark still stranded in the ship looking more determined than we’ve seen him so far in the “Endgame” sneak peeks. We are also reminded numerous times by voiceovers from Cap, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Tony Stark that they will do “whatever it takes” to win this time giving us the catchphrase that will no doubt be used to push “Endgame” on social media from this point on.

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The final seconds of the trailer show much of the remaining Avengers crew suited up in white, red and black space suits likely preparing to head to the final showdown, but there’s been a lot of speculation about these suits. Some say they are space suits, but if that’s the case I don’t really see everyone suiting up in same colored suits like this for a mission on a space ship. It just seems kind of corny and not typical of their personalities. No, I agree with many others who say these may be similar, if not precisely the same as the Quantum suits used in “Ant-Man and The Wasp” and could be used to enter the Quantum Realm for whatever reason. It should be noted though that neither Thor nor Captain Marvel, who we know are in the movie, are in the lineup. We see Cap, Nebula, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Warmachine, Black Widow and IRON MAN who clearly gets out of his predicament somehow and we know that Rocket is there too from past teasers and is probably just below the camera. Bruce Banner/The Hulk also seems to be absent despite it being confirmed that the Hulk will, in fact, appear in the movie. One would think if he isn’t than Bruce is staying behind to operate whatever the Avengers need those suits to use. So where is Bruce? Where is Thor? Where is Captain Marvel? We don’t know and the trailer doesn’t even try to tell us which is part of the fun I guess.

Screenshot Courtesy of Marvel Studios

As with past trailers with get Marvel’s trailer equivalent of a post-credits scene as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, in normal street clothes, is shown for the first time in “Endgame” sneak peeks. She is staring down Thor who calls Stormbreaker to him right beside her head and Danvers doesn’t even flinch. Thor proceeds to state his approval for the hero after having flexed his muscles and been ineffective in intimidating her. Marvel likely timed the release of the trailer to allow for the opening weekend of “Captain Marvel” without spoiling anything for the small handful of people who live under rocks who have yet to realize that Captain Marvel will be in “Avengers Endgame”. Again though this is a moment where we see Black Widow with her blond hair…WHAT IS WITH THE HAIR…it HAS to mean something. The fact that Captain Marvel is in street clothes also insinuates that there is some waiting around to be one before the Avengers put their plan in motion.

So my final take on this trailer, I’m REALLY excited to see “Endgame” now. There’s so much packed into this trailer including hints at epic battles, powerful character moments, and the promise of resolution for not just the events of “Infinity War” but the MCU as we know it. Up until now we had yet to receive an very extensive look at what “Endgame” will bring and while this trailer brings more questions than answers it certainly pumped me up a lot more than past sneak peaks at the film so far. Anyways I won;’t ramble on. I loved this trailer and I love that it shows us so much while also telling us so little about a film that, honestly, I don’t want to have spoiled for me before I see it. I want to experience it as purely as possible. We’ll have to see what “Endgame” brings to the table on April 26.

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