Box Office Breakdown: Super Bowl Weekend Lowest in Nearly Two Decades

The Super Bowl wasn’t the only defense-based yawn fest over the weekend (congrats to my Patriots on number six by the way WHOOP WHOOP), the box office was also a defensive game with few great offensive players helping to mix it up. Only two new major releases arrived on the scene over the weekend while Academy Award nominees continued their push for profit as the big show approaches and holdovers looked to grab whatever added attention they could before the next few weekends bring some of the most anticipated films of early 2019. The weekend turned out to be the worst Super Bowl weekend since 2000 and one of the few times that all of the movies in the top ten have made less than double digit millions in figures individually over a single weekend. So, who won out in a war of sustainability? Let’s find out in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.


No surprise “Glass” dominated for a third weekend in a row becoming the third film since November (joining “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Aquaman”) to earn a threepeat. The film scored $9.5 million over the show weekend giving it an $88 million domestic gross while internationally it earned $12.2 million and now approaches $200 million on the global market. It’s the third time a film directed by M. Night Shyamalan has accomplished this feat after “The Sixth Sense”, which spent five weeks at number one in 1999, “Signs”, which spent three nonconsecutive weeks at the top in 2002, and “Glass’s” predecessor “Split” which took advantage of similarly slow weekends to top the box office three weeks straight in 2017. “Glass” was followed by fellow holdover “The Upside” which also continues its strong run with an added $8.85 million domestically in its fourth weekend. It’s the third straight weekend that “Glass” and “The Upside” have finished one-two and the first time two movies have accomplished this since “Crazy Rich Asians” and “The Meg” did so last summer.


You have to drop to third to find the first new entry in the top ten for the weekend, “Miss Bala”. An American remake of the 2011 Mexican film of the same name, “Miss Bala” failed to drum up much support from anyone earning around $6.6 million. Most viewer polls had the film at less that 65% approval meaning not only did critics hate it, moviegoers weren’t too fond of it either. If you’d like to read my take on the movie you can check out my review from Saturday by clicking here. Rounding out the top five was a pair of superhero-themed holdovers. “Aquaman”, now the most profitable DC Comics adaptations worldwide, scored another $4.78 million domestically while “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” earned $4.4 million making it Sony Animations highest grossing film to date at the domestic box office. “Green Book”, “The Kid Who Would Be King”, “A Dog’s Way Home” and “Escape Room” came in sixth through ninth with the only other new addition to the top ten being “They Shall Not Grow Old”, a much touted Peter Jackson-directed World War I documentary that presents original footage from the war colorized to create a more immersive presentation of the conflict.


“Glass’s” reign is going to end this weekend with four, yes FOUR big new releases on the way to challenge the top ten. The likely winner this weekend will be “The LEGO Movie: The Second Part” while the horror film “The Prodigy”, the latest Liam Neeson action thriller “Cold Pursuit” and the female oriented soft remake “What Men Want” will all debut. It should be fun to see how the competition fairs especially after the last two weekends have proven to be dull as best. Don’t look for the defensive struggle to continue. This coming weekend is going to be all offense and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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