Trailer Breakdown: “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

This is going to be another huge year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the studio’s customary three films set to be released over the next twelve months. The first will be “Captain Marvel”, the second will be “Avengers: Endgame” and the third will be “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, the second Spider-Man solo film in the MCU and the first to be set post “Endgame” to kick off a new era in the series. As I did with the first two films, I went through the Easter eggs and examined what’s in store for the third and final Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure of 2019. If you’d like to read my breakdown to the first trailer for “Captain Marvel” you can do so here and if you’d like to see a breakdown of the “Endgame” trailer you can click here. Otherwise let’s get to it. This is my breakdown of the first trailer for “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. Let me know what you thought of the trailer in the comments and if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch the trailer at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

The trailer starts off with Peter Parker/Spider-Man, again played by Tom Holland, making an appearance at an event benefiting the Salvation Army Homeless Support Program, which I will add is something Spidey would totally do. He’s introduced by Aunt May, once again portrayed by Marissa Tomei, who we know is aware of Peter’s secret identity thanks to the end of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” when she catches him in costume in his room. She seems to be pretty alright with her nephew running around in Stark-provided tights though as they high five backstage. Happy, Tony Stark’s assistant once again played by Jon Favreau, arrives with a check, likely from Stark Industries, to support the cause setting up a funny interaction between himself and May hinting at a potential romance between the two in this sequel. It’s important to note that Happy and May never met on-screen in “Homecoming”, but it appears they’re pretty familiar with each other now seeing as there’s a joke about Happy noticing Aunt May is wearing a new dress.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

Peter reveals he’s going on a school trip to Europe. We get some fun shots of him swinging through New York before he gets his passport. There’s a neat Easter Egg in the passport that reveals Peter’s birthday is August 10, which is widely considered to be the date Spider-Man’s first appeared in “Amazing Fantasy” in 1962. Aunt May tells Peter to “pack his suit”, more evidence that she is alright with her nephew being a costumed hero. Peter doesn’t seem interested in bringing it along seeing as he thinks Europe doesn’t “need a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”. It’s left unknown for now whether he brings it but my guess is no. We do see him with a suit in Europe, but I’ll get to that later. Another REALLY fun Easter Egg is presented in the photo above. Peter’s suitcase is initialed with BFP. These initials represent his Uncle Ben, who was not touched upon in “Homecoming” but everyone knows as part of Spider-Man’s legacy as a father figure. He was modeled after Benjamin Franklin, so the initials aren’t just a fun nod to Parker’s uncle. They also serve as a tribute to Ben’s inspiration insinuating his name was Benjamin Franklin Parker.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

Peter makes his way to Europe where he spends time with his classmates, including returning side character Ned (Jacob Batalon) and love interest Michelle (Zandaya) who will be this film series’ version of MJ from the comics. This romance is teased further through a brief interaction between the two where they awkwardly acknowledge each other’s looks and Peter telling Ned he wants to spend time with MJ. Well it looks like that’s going to be hard to do because a familiar face enters the picture. While talking to Ned in their room Ned is hit with a dart and rendered unconscious as a figure in the shadow’s says that it’s nice for him to finally meet Spider-Man. It’s revealed to be Nick Fury who, along with Spider-Man, was swept away by Thanos’ snap in “Infinity War”. I’m not going to get too much into it but suffice it to say the fact that these characters are alive means “Endgame” will somehow undo Thanos’ victory, but let’s focus on this film not others shall we. Anyways Fury informs Peter they need to talk setting in motion Peter’s European mission.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

That brings me to Peter’s suit. It’s likely provided by Fury and appears to be black and red, a melding of the stealth suit and traditional suit. Peter shows that he’s much more comfortable in the uniform now, gliding through the air on his web wings with ease. I would hope he feels comfortable by now seeing as he took on Thanos on Titan. We see him gliding towards a strange anomaly over London’s Tower Bridge. This is featured several times in the trailer but we are not given a lot of context. It looks dangerous and epic, but what is causing it? Your guess is a good as mine. Speaking of villains though it looks like Spidey will have to contend with several in this film which, let’s be honest, is par for the course for a “Spider-Man” feature.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

As teased in material prior to the trailer’s release Spider-Man will be taking on the Elementals, a group of, well, elemental villains that, in the comics, controlled fire, earth, air and water. Think “The Last Airbender” but in Marvel. We see three of the Elementals on screen starting with the earth Elemental. In the comics this is Magnum, but who knows maybe this is the MCU’s take on Sandman who was previously featured in “Spider-Man 3”. The second we see is a molten lava-like creature. In the comics the fire Elemental is Hellfire who serves as the leader of the group, but judging by its makeup here this could be the MCU’s version of Molten Man. However, the most prominently featured is the water Elemental who I think is truly the first of the group that Peter comes across seeing as he discovers it without his suit. In the comics the water Elemental was Hydron, but like the earth elemental this could be an amalgamation of two characters and may be the MCU’s version of another water-based Spider-Man villain, Hydro Man.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

During these shots of the Elementals both Nick Fury and Happy give pep-talks to Parker, which doesn’t speak well for the fate of Tony Stark in “Endgame” seeing as Parker would usually turn to him in these situations. It’s clear Spider-Man has new mentors. As the trailer draws to a close we see several action scenes including Spider-Man evading an explosion and pedestrians fleeing lightning strikes from the floating fireball over the Tower Bridge. We also see Spider-Man’s stealth suit, an all-black uniform clearly meant for covert missions where our hero needs to remain under the radar. We don’t know why he’s wearing this but he appears to be in some kind of battle-torn area. Maybe that battle was with with the potential main villain of the film who is revealed seconds later as Peter stares down the water Elemental.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

From a puff of green smoke appears Jake Gyllenhaul as one of my personal favorite Spider-Man villains Mysterio AKA Quentin Beck. It’s an epic entrance as Beck tells presumably Spider-Man “you don’t want any part of this” before we see him taking on the water Elemental himself in his full suit complete with “fishbowl” helmet. Fun fact, Mysterio was meant to be the villain of “Spider-Man 4” before the series was rebooted in the 2000s. It looks like he’ll be portrayed as more of a heroic character, at least to start. We even see him being talked about on television as if he is the world’s newest hero and being scoffed at by Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), the same bully who teased Parker in the first film, who praises Spider-Man over Mysterio before comically insulting Parker. It’s funny because he doesn’t know they’re one in the same, haha.

Screenshot Courtesy of Sony and Marvel

Anyways here’s my thoughts of Mysterio. It might seem obvious but I’m sure he’ll be a villain by the end of the film and I’m going to predict HE is actually responsible for the Elementals being a thing. In the comics Quentin Beck is a special effects wizard and stunt man who fails to accomplish his dreams in Hollywood. If the same story carries over to film what better way to achieve fame than becoming the new hero of the world especially if, as many theorize, numerous big-name heroes either retire or perish in “Endgame”? But first you need villains and that could lead Beck to create his own only to fight them off as Mysterio. With the alien technology introduced to the world throughout the MCU’s run we know Beck could have access to what he needs to make a super suit. There’s also confirmation that Adrian Toomes AKA the Vulture, the black-market dealer who sold alien technology and served as the main villain of “Homecoming”, will appear in the film. What if Beck is one of his customers who perfected the technology to turn his trade into a weapon? I think when Beck tells Spider-Man he doesn’t want “any part of this” he’s not telling Spider-Man to let him handle it, he’s telling Spider-Man to back off or feel his wrath. I love the potential this character brings to the film and I can’t wait to see it all play out.

And that does it for my breakdown of the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” trailer. I think it looks awesome. It looks like it’s going to capture the same charm as the webslinger’s first MCU solo film and the story looks intriguing as Peter Parker is now a more seasoned hero taken out of his element to save the world in Europe against a series of baddies. Mysterio looks cool and the potential for his story could help further progress Vision’s statements in “Captain America: Civil War”, where Spider-Man made his MCU debut, that the very existence of heroes courts the creation of people like Mysterio. Other than the survival of key characters it also doesn’t spoil too much about “Avengers: Endgame” which I appreciate and leaves just enough to the imagination to leave me wanting more. There’s a lot here to digest, but a lot we have yet to see. I can’t wait to experience it for myself.

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  1. Very cool analysis. I felt the trailer started terribly and ended terribly. But everything in between has me pretty excited. Box office-wise, this thing is gonna make TONS of money.

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