“Avengers: Endgame” Trailer Breakdown

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! “Avengers 4” not only has a trailer finally, but a title as well! One of the most hotly anticipated trailers probably of all time that has been in demand for months finally gives us a look at what we can expect from the culmination of the entire MCU. The first look admittedly doesn’t offer a WHOLE lot which is to be expected, but it certainly wets our appetites for what’s to come in a big way promising resolutions as well as fallout from the events that shocked us in “Avengers: Infinity War”. I’m so excited to break down this trailer and explore what it has to offer so let’s get to it., but I want to know what YOU think too so please let me know what you think about the first look at “Avengers: Endgame” in the comments and as always you can see the trailer in full at the end of the article. This is the trailer breakdown for our first look at “Avengers: Endgame”!

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The trailer starts off on a very morbid note with Tony Stark (Iron Man) still in space presumably flying a ship provided to him by Nebula as he tries to return home from Titan after the showdown with Thanos. It looks like he is actually piloting Star Lord’s ship. If you recall only Tony and Nebula survived the infamous snap on Titan leaving Tony to try and find his way back to Earth. It looks like he’s been out there for a while and obviously since he doesn’t understand how the expanse of the universe works he is lost. Tony is clearly at his absolute lowest point here. He is recording a diary of sorts into his Iron Man mask leaving his final will and testament for Pepper Potts as he admits he has run out of supplies and his oxygen is going to deplete soon. A nice little reference to the ending of an era in the MCU is made with Tony telling Potts in the recording that “part of the journey is the end”.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Tony saw his friends die. He saw the horror he wanted to avoid come to fruition, that in the end he couldn’t save anyone. Now he is on the brink of death. A lot of people assume that Dr. Strange tried to manipulate circumstances to put Tony at his lowest because that is what is required for the “endgame” he spoke about as the only way the Avengers win against Thanos. If that’s the case Tony is certainly hitting the lowest of his many lows here. Something else of note is that Tony looks like he is alone. Why didn’t Nebula go with him? How will SHE factor into this film? Will she even be IN this movie? Apparently since we see her later in the trailer, but why isn’t she with Tony helping him get home? This whole sequence is actually a nice, tender, very human moment from Tony and takes up just over a full minute of this 2 minute and 25 second trailer but it’s totally worth it.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Marvel Studios logo arrives and disappears in dust in the same way most of the characters did in the first movie. We get glimpses of Thanos in the paradise where we left him in the last film. His armor is hung up and retired and he is walking through a field with what appears to be the damaged Infinity Gauntlet still on his hand. This is all we see of Thanos in the trailer but it shows us that he is living his peaceful post-snap existence he promised to Dr. Strange in the first movie. He has hung up his war-mongering ways and settled with the results of his crusade to “balance the universe”. The fact that here he has not taken off the Infinity Gauntlet either means it has been fused to him in its destruction or it’s something he refuses to remove from himself as a self-imposed reminder of what he has done. Knowing what we know about Thanos the later would not be out of the question.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Then we’re taken to Avengers HQ where Black Widow gives us somewhat of a quick recap of events as she reminds us, and Steve Rogers (Captain America), that Thanos succeeded in eliminating half of the known universe. Fifty percent of everyone is gone. We also see Steve Rogers crying which I believe is the first time he has shown this kind of emotion in the films. We’ve seen him be very human but nothing so far has broken him to the point of tears, not even the loss of Agent Carter. So this is a neat way to drive home the impact of everything that has transpired. Not only does Tony feel defeated, Steve does too so the two most popular and leading Avengers are now on their knees feeling hopeless.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

One thing that really caught me though was this screenshot above. This is Bruce Banner (Hulk) looking at what appears to be a potential list of those suspected to be lost from the snap and the name that he is looking at is Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, who we know from “Ant-Man and the Wasp” is stuck in the Quantum Realm after entering it just before Thanos’ snap eliminated the van Dynes who could have brought him back. Another interesting fact is that it was established from previous films that Banner does not know who Scott Lang is because he was on Sakaar during the events of “Civil War”. Remember: “There’s an Ant-Man AND a Spider-Man?” So I doubt that he’s sitting here grieving over the loss of a friend. I think he’s trying to figure out if Ant-Man is still around. The Avengers are at their lowest and they’re trying to gather their resources to figure out a plan. Banner could be knowledgeable of Hank Pym’s Pym Tech and know that Scott is a key to fixing what has been done. He’s one of if not THE smartest scientist in the MCU remember. I doubt he’s sitting here crying over a man he never met. He sees significance in Lang and we find out later that clearly Ant-Man is a heavily sought after commodity by the Avengers. We do also see Peter Parker’s face pop up and the Avengers on Earth would not be aware he faded away in the space battle so again it’s possible they’re simply trying to find out who is left and where they are.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Thor also appears in regular street cloths also looking defeated as Steve acknowledges that for the first time the Avengers outright lost. This leads to glimpses of other characters in the film including Nebula who I spoke about earlier. Seriously why is she not with Tony Stark? My theory is this quick moment of her is Nebula comforting Tony and sending him on his way as she refuses to take part in the further conflict, thus leaving him alone to travel through the depths of space. Probably the biggest geek out moment though is we FINALLY see the return of Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, in his Ronin uniform brandishing a sword. Hawkeye was notably absent from the action in the first film and likely lost his family in the snap which would push him over the edge out of retirement. What’s interesting also is that this appears to take place in Japan which is a callback to Ronin’s origins from the comics. Considering my previous assumption that the Avengers are trying to stockpile resources and it’s Black Widow, Clint’s closest friend, who finds him I’m going to assume this is not an accident. She was looking for him.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Steve Rogers calls whatever they are going to go through the “fight of our lives” but the plan is not laid out for us yet. Steve simply receives reassurance from Black Widow that it’s “going to work”. So let me just comment on something here from first impressions alone. The last movie, “Infinity War”, relegated Steve Rogers to more of a side character role but here it looks like the opposite will be true with Tony Stark taking a back seat to Captain America. Obviously that’s a bold statement to make since Tony took up over a minute of this trailer, but we see Steve Rogers involved in SO MUCH more in this trailer with Black Widow, his rumored love interest from his years on the run, by his side. We know these two are good friends, now maybe even lovers, but it’s cool to see their team dynamic even if only in the trailers. They seem to have a great understanding of how each other work and I’m hoping this is truly delved into in the movie because it was one of the few aspects that “Infinity War” was lacking in my opinion and something that was explored in Cap’s own trilogy of films that I really enjoyed.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Then we get the title card which debuts the name of the movie, “Endgame”. While not as epic as it could have been it’s not an unexpected title seeing as many had already assumed the name of the film after hearing the line in “Infinity War” and the Russo Brothers further hinted at it when they revealed the title had been said by an Avenger in one of the previous movies. It’s a title that makes sense when you think about it. Since the first “Avengers” film Thanos has been playing a big game of chess with the universe, waiting for pieces to fall into place before making his big move which turned out to be a massive checkmate. Endgame is often used in Chess to signify making sacrifices for the larger goal and the concept of the entire MCU being one big game was even hinted at in “Age of Ultron” when Thor deduces that someone is “playing and intricate game” and that the Avengers are the pawns. It also seems to evoke the fact that this movie was the endgame for Marvel Studios as well. This was their goal, to lead up to something epic. Now it’s time for the Avengers to make their movie and try to counteract Thanos’ plan and show their hand.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Anyways after the title card we get what has become a pretty common theme in more recent Marvel trailers, kind of like an end credits for the trailer that shows up after the logo. The trailer has subtly stressed that Ant-Man is an important piece to whatever plan Steve Rogers and crew have cooked up. The final moments of the trailer show the return of Scott Lang who is trying to get access to Avengers HQ. Steve questions if this was an “old message”, an interesting question that could either mean “is this Scott in the past?” and play into time travel or maybe that they just thought they missed a visit from Scott while they were having lunch or something. Regardless Steve is surprised when Black Widow tells him it’s really Ant-Man and we are surprised as well seeing as the last we saw of Lang he was stuck in the Quantum Realm and all theories have pointed to him finding his way out somewhere else along the timeline (in other words getting stuck in the past). Judging by Steve’s reaction it’s clear that he’s not only shocked that Ant-Man is there he seems somewhat relieved like the final piece they needed to make their move is finally in their grasp.

So that’s the “Avengers: End Game” trailer and to be honest it’s nowhere near as exciting as the “Infinity War” trailers were, but I don’t think it had to be. This trailer promises a darker edge to the MCU in a world where the Avengers have to recover from not only their first real major loss, but one with tremendous consequences. There’s still a lot we don’t see here and we already know that Marvel is not above changing or altering details or even leaving some details out completely to keep their twists and turns in check. Regardless “Endgame” sets us up for what could be an emotionally charged, intense and intriguing thrill ride. With so much missing from this first look it’s easy to speculate what will come next in the MCU. We still have not seen even half the heroes we know are in the movie nor was there any sign of Captain Marvel….hmm come to think of it maybe SHE is how Tony survives his trip in space!!! Anyways I can’t WAIT to see this movie. “Infinity War” was probably my favorite mainstream release of 2018 (seriously I’ve watched it probably ten times sense it was released on hard copy) and “Endgame” certainly has some big shoes to fill. This first trailer promises to bring everything full circle as the MCU reaches the end of it’s first major overarching story and ten years of buildup to something spectacular.

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