Day: November 14, 2018

Trailer Breakdown: “Detective Pikachu”

I LOVE Pokémon! Growing up in the 90s this fad took off right as I was getting old enough to even be INTO a fad and for the last two decades fans have enjoyed numerous animated theatrical films to tide us over. However, for the first time Pokémon is officially going live action and maybe not in the way we all expected. Enter “Detective Pikachu”, a movie based on a spinoff game of the franchise about a Pikachu and his human friend who solve crimes together. Yes, this quirky little cash grab of a game is going to be the first Pokémon property to receive an official live-action treatment and we got our first look at the project earlier this week with a trailer. It took me a couple days to really sit down and sift through it, but I finally found the time and now I’m ready to see what this neat little sneak peak has to offer. Let’s break down the trailer for “Detective Pikachu”.

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