Box Office Breakdown, Sept. 14-16

It’s been a big few weeks for Warner Bros. who have held the top spot at the box office for over a month. This past weekend threatened to end that streak with a handful of new offerings taking over theaters nationwide. Still that doesn’t mean WB fell from the thrown. As we’ve seen over the past month or so the studio has somehow tapped into a market that promises staying power and the result of that made for a very competitive weekend as Fox, Lionsgate and Studio 8 looked to earn wrestle the top spot away. Did they succeed? Let’s find out in this week’s Box Office Breakdown.


While Warner Bros. still had a great weekend all good things must come to an end and that’s exactly what happened as the studio suffered their first defeat in over a month surrendering the top spot to 20th Century Fox’s “The Predator”. The fourth film in the “Predator” franchise opened in 4,037 theaters and took in $24 million domestically. If you think that sounds kind of low for such a large distribution you would be correct. Despite taking the top spot over the weekend “The Predator” earned lackluster reviews from franchise fans and critics and thus brought in the lowest opening total for a live-action movie released in over 4,000 topping “The Mummy” from 2017 on that list. It’s also lower than the previous film in the series, “Predators”, which opened to $24.7 million and eventually grossed $52 million on the home front. “The Predator” fared a bit better overseas earning $30 million in 72 territories. With a reported $88 million budget before advertisements and promotion “The Predator” might have a difficult time adding new life to the franchise. You can read my review of “The Predator” here.


Warner Bros easily held on to the second place spot with “The Nun”. Last week’s number one. The continuation of the “Conjuring Universe”, took in $18 million setting another franchise record, albeit one the film probably wanted to avoid. While last week “The Nun” had the best debut of the series so far but suffered the largest drop of the entire franchise in its second week falling 66%. Still the movie is well on its way to being the fourth in the franchise to reach $100 million domestically. “The Nun” was followed by the other new addition to the top five this weekend, “A Simple Favor”. The Paul Feig directed thriller received great reviews from critics and fans and topped out at around $16 million and $3.5 million internationally on a $20 million budget. You can read my review of “A Simple Favor” here. The final new entry in the top five was “White Boy Rick” which faltered a bit compared to expectations and landed in fourth with $8.8 million. I have not had a chance to see “White Boy Rick” for myself yet and it might end up being one of those rare movies I pass on seeing at it got middle of the road reviews at best. “Crazy Rich Asians” held strong rounding out the top five.


The back end of the top ten had some notable stories for carryover movies. While STX’s “Peppermint” fell big in its second weekend down to sixth, “The Meg” only continued to build on its success in seventh place reaching $137 million in total box office revenue domestically and topping the $500 million mark globally. “Hotel Transylvania 3”, which sits in 16th, also joined the $500 million club globally over the weekend. In eighth we find “Searching” while in ninth “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” earned enough to reach $760 million in global revenue.  Rounding out the top ten was “Unbroken: Path to Redemption”.


This weekend should be an interesting one with a clear winner in “The House With a Clock in its Walls”, a rare family-friendly movie by Director Eli Roth. The Jack Black-led children’s fantasy film looks to earn more than enough to top “The Predator” and will debut in 3,300 theaters. Other upcoming films include “Life Itself” and “Fahrenheit 11/9”. On limited release we have a film I am personally looking forward to seeing in “Assassination Nation”.  Look for my reviews of some of these movies coming soon.

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