Thank You For 50 Subscribers!: Announcing Marvel Month

Hello my cherished subscribers and readers! I would like to thank you all for helping me hit 50 subscribers on Cinema Spotlight this month, a goal I have worked for just over a year to reach. As a movie fan and self described Cinefile I enjoy doing these reviews and countdowns each week and appreciate the feedback and encouragement from all of you over the last year. Without you I’d just be a guy writing about movies to entertain myself…well lets face it sometimes I still am an I love doing it. So, to celebrate, I decided to make an announcement for the month of April I hope you all will enjoy. Read on for more…


To celebrate 50 followers on Cinema Spotlight I decided to do something cool and also celebrate a company that has brought me many of my favorite films over the last ten years. At the end of April Marvel Studios will release an epic project ten years in the making, “Avengers: Infinity War”. This culmination of ten years of projects that make up the now legendary Marvel Cinematic Universe promises to be one of the year’s biggest hits and to celebrate the milestone I will be looking at Marvels many great films, from the beginning of its reign in the late 90s to the ten year anniversary of the MCU. The month of April will be dubbed Marvel Month with all my countdowns focusing on the best (and maybe even the worst) of Marvel in cinema over the years all leading up to my review of “Infinity War” at the end of the month.

Each week, in addition to my normal reviews of new films released in theaters, I will feature one or two countdowns chronicling Marvel’s cinematic history as well as the best of the MCU specifically. I might even have a few surprises in store as well as I celebrate the lead up to Marvel’s biggest and most ambitious project yet. I hope you all enjoy this special month exploring the best of one of the most famous comic book companies in the world!

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