Day: January 27, 2018

REVIEW: “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”

Several years ago I joined the young adult novel kick. I became obsessed with “The Hunger Games” (finishing the book only days before the first movie’s release) as well as the “Divergent” series. Then came “The Maze Runner”, a series that I thought too complicated to properly transfer to the big screen. As possibly the last great YA franchise adaptation for cinema for the foreseeable future I couldn’t wait to finally see the long overdue final film in the trilogy, “The Death Cure”. It’s a film that, like its predecessors, strays significantly from the source material while sticking to the same basic plot. As possibly the final nail in the coffin of a once great sub-genre of film, let’s take a closer look at the final “Maze Runner” movie “The Death Cure”. Is it a quality conclusion, or just another failed attempt to cash in on a tired literary franchise?

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