Day: January 6, 2018

REVIEW: “Molly’s Game”

It was called one of the best films of the year in 2017 as a limited release, but now that it’s been released to a wider audience Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut “Molly’s Game” is living up to that label as one of the first great films of 2018. Based heavily on the memoir of former attempted Olympian and so-called “Poker Princess” Molly Bloom this biographical crime drama film packs humor, suspense, and high stakes intensity to create a fully engaging cinematic experience worthy of its talented cast and exceptional director. Let take a closer look shall we. Here is my review of “Molly’s Game”.

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2017 Golden Globe Predictions

The 75th Golden Globes take center stage this Sunday night and in preparation for the big night I looked at the nominees and formed my opinions of who should and probably will win in the big film categories for 2018. As a precursor to the Oscars, the Golden Globes often sets the stage for who the award season front runners will be and this year the competition is as fierce as ever. So before the big night I examined each category and picked out the nominees I’d like to see win and the ones I think will eventually come out on top. Continue reading “2017 Golden Globe Predictions”