Day: December 24, 2017

REVIEW: “Downsizing”


Ever since the 74th Venice Film Festival I’ve waited to see for myself what “Downsizing” was all about. A science fiction comedy that serves as a dramatic parody of sorts of dystopian concepts, “Downsizing” is ironically a much smaller movie than I expected, but that doesn’t make it unwatchable. Containing charm and focusing on a few pretty heavy themes “Downsizing” has a lot to say, but how well does it really say it? Here is my review.

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REVIEW: “The Greatest Showman”


You know over the years I’ve found a new respect for cinematic musicals, specifically ones that are original properties. While it’s impressive to take an already established stage musical and turn it into a good film it’s even more impressive, and frankly more difficult in my opinion, to create something original that comes to life on screen. While it’s not perfect, “The Greatest Showman” is an example of how the musical elements of these films can make or break the project, even if the movie as a whole lacks that special something to make it truly amazing. So is “The Greatest Showman” a show worth watching? Here’s my review!

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