Day: December 10, 2017

REVIEW: “The Disaster Artist”


If I had done a list this year of my personal most anticipated movies of 2017 “The Disaster Artist” would have been pretty close to the top. A biographical drama focusing on one of the most enigmatic film creators of all time and one of the worst movies ever, this biopic was a dream project for not only director, producer, and star James Franco, but also for legions of fans of the horrific so-good-it’s-bad film “The Room”. It had a lot to live up to with Oscar and media buzz surrounding it all year long and expectations higher than many movies in 2017. How well does it meet those expectations? Well I’ll just say the irony is strong with this film, which takes a story of comical mediocrity and turns it into a masterpiece. This is my review of “The Disaster Artist”.

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