Ten Fun Facts About “Spider-man: Homecoming”


This weekend one of the year’s most anticipated action films hits the big screen with the first Spider-man centric film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Spider-man Homecoming”. In anticipation of the latest entry in the MCU I took a look at some fun facts about the film to get prepared for the fun.

For this list, as usual, I looked at some of the coolest fun facts about “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. These included things from the set, character details, story details, etc. as long as they were connected to the movie. These fun facts aren’t ranked in any particular order other than to create a smooth read.

Enjoy the list and be sure to check out “Spider-man: Homecoming” this weekend and look for my review as well!




10. Numerous Actors Wanted to be A Villain

Screen shot 2017-07-05 at 8.58.13 PM.png

Spider-Man has a massive rogues gallery, one of the most celebrated in all of comics, and this there are a lot of options for who could take him on in “Homecoming” and many different actors wanted in. Aside from Venom, Spider-Man’s most iconic archenemy is the Green Goblin who has appeared in both the Sam Raimi films and the reboot pair of films that preceded “Homecoming”. Many initially believed the Golbin would enter the MCU through the deal with Sony, but that was eventually disproven when The Vulture was named the main baddy of the film, although the character of Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin’s alter ego, is rumored to be featured in “Homecoming”. Two big names have actually come forward to express interest in playing the Goblin in the future, Matthew McConaughey and Bryan Cranston. Alfred Molina also supposedly expressed interest in returning as Dr. Otto Octavius, also known as Doctor Octopus, after playing the villain in the much-loved second film in the original trilogy. Vincent D’Onofrio also expressed interest in becoming a part of the big-screen MCU offering to reprise his role at Kingpin Wilson Fisk, who he plays in the MCU Netflix spinoff “Daredevil”. Kingpin in a joint opponent of both Daredevil and Spider-Man and was a main antagonist of the wall crawler in the animated Spider-Man television series in the 1990s. Other villains who will be featured alongside The Vulture are two different incarnations of The Shocker and the Tinkeror. Donald Glover is also rumored to be portraying a version of the Prowler, a villain turned hero in the Spider-Man comicbooks.




9. The Vulture’s character shift


While we’re on the topic of villains, The Vulture featured in “Homecoming” will reportedly be a bit of a different take on the classic villain than what fans may be familiar with in the comics. In the comic book universe of Spider-man The Vulture is an aged man with a much more traditional bird-like suit who at times manages to steal the youth of others to make himself younger. The Vulture in “Homecoming” will feature a more mechanical suit and his personality and actions will be more literally fitting of the name “vulture” as he will salvage alien technology to create his weapons in the same way that a vulture would salvage the carcass of others’ kills to satisfy their hunger. In “Homecoming” the Vulture turns to his criminal ways after a new organization set up by Tony Stark to clean up the mess caused by Avenger conflicts puts the Vulture and his colleagues out of business. This new film looks to take the classic villain and modernize him, turning him from small-time criminal, jewel thief, and sometimes youth-seeking menace to a man done wrong by the heroes he will now engage in battle, using the weapons of past enemies against them.




8. Crossbones’ Shocking Legacy


As mentioned, The Vulture character will be a version of the character who made a living off of cleaning up after The Avengers, and thus has access to technology used by previous villains of the super powered team. Among those villains is Crossbones, the baddy portrayed by Frank Grillo in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and the beginning of “Captain American: Civil War”. In the later film Crossbones utilized a pair of mechanical gauntlets that added power to his already superhuman blows. Those same gauntlets will be featured as accessories to two different incarnations of the classic Spiderman villain The Shocker. The villain is known for his ability to create vibration blasts using a special pair of his own gauntlets. Two different Shockers, each using similar technology inspired by Crossbones’ own tools of battle, will take on Spider-man and will also embrace two different personas of The Shocker from Spider-man’s history, with Bokeem Woodbine playing the version many know whose alter ego is Herman Schultz and Logan Marshall-Green portraying the second Shocker, Jackson “Montana” Brice, who was an incarnation of the villain from 2008 “The Spectacular Spider-Man” television show as well as a cowboy-themed villain of Spidey in the comics.





7. A ten year trend


The release of “Homecoming” continues an interesting and seemingly unintentional trend for the web slingers cinematic adventures. The original trilogy films were released in 2002, 2004, and 2007 respectively and ever sense the divisive third film hit the big screen the other three films have all been released ten years after each of those three movies. The original “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” were released in 2012 and 2014 respectively and “Homecoming” will be released ten years after the third film in the original trilogy in 2017. It looks like the sequel to “Homecoming” will break the trend however with a 2019 scheduled release, not a 2022 release to match “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.




6. The Sinister Six Cinematic History


While he is the first Spider-man based villain to be featured in the MCU’s theatrical films, The Vulture continues another trend by becoming the fourth member of the original Sinister Six to be featured in a Spider-Man theatrical film. Doctor Octopus was the villain in “Spiderman 2”, Sandman was in “Spiderman 3”, and Electro was in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. The only other two yet to be featured in a film are Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter, both of which has recently been confirmed to be getting planned solo films in Sony’s Spider-Verse, a cinematic universe that may or may not be connected to the MCU. Before Spider-man was confirmed to join the MCU, Sony had planned to create an extended Spider-Verse from “The Amazing Spider-man” and had teased the existence of the Sinister Six, including the Vulture and Doc Octopus, at the end of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and it appears Sony will be continuing to build on creating a film focused on the villain team, with Vulture likely out of the equation. In addition there are conflicting reports that both The Vulture and Mysterio had been planned as the villains in a fourth Spider-man movie to follow the original trilogy at one time.




5. A new love interest


For the first time in a Spider-man films neither Gwen Stacey or Mary Jane Watson will be Peter Parker’s love interest. The two are the most well-known loves of Parker and at least one of the two were featured in all five of the previous films. Neither will be in “Homecoming” but instead Liz Allan will be in the film portrayed by Laura Harrier. Liz is a minor character in the comics who falls in love with Harry Osborn, the son of Green Goblin Norman Osborn. Another character named Michelle Jones has become a high-profile role for actress Zendaya that has been stated to be an unconfirmed potential love interest for Parker. The character’s initials are MJ, which was a nickname for Mary Jane Watson and is a tribute to the character.





4. Confirmed Iron Man Connection


In the weeks leading up to “Homecoming’s” release rumors began to swirl that Peter parker was subtly included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the whole time, and recently that was pretty much confirmed when Tom Holland revealed that Peter Parker was the young kid in the Iron Man mask (a rendition of an actual toy at the time) that was featured in “Iron Man 2” and was rescued by the armored hero after coming face-to-face with an out-of-control robot. Director Jon Watts also revealed that the young boy’s appearance has been retconned as an Easter egg, adding it to the actual cannon to show that Peter Parker has a long-lasting connection with his mentor in “Homecoming”, Tony Stark. It does not appear that this Easter egg will be explored further, but it’s a neat bit of awareness that adds to Marvel’s relatively effective close attention to detail and continuity in its extended universe.





3. Spidey has new toys


Spider-Man will feature a few new tools and gadgets in “Homecoming” thanks to his mentor Tony Stark who invented his suit, as revealed in “Captain America: Civil War”. Many of these gadgets have been featured in the promotional looks at the movie, making this a very updated version of the spider suit compared to previous movies. So far confirmed gadgets include expressional eyes, web balls, ricochet web, spinning webs, webbed wing-like appendages for gliding, a tracking device for Stark, a holographic interface, a remote drone on the chest, and his own AI system similar to J.A.R.V.I.S. and F.R.I.D.A.Y. named K.A.R.E.N. who will be played by Jennifer Connelly. Connelly also just so happened to have portrayed Betty Ross in a pre-MCU Hulk film AND her husband Paul Bettany played J.A.R.V.I.S. before being turned into The Vision. The spider suit will also come equipped with a “training wheels” protocol that allows Stark to control which features Parker is able to access until he is ready to fully embrace the limitations of his suit.




2. No spider sense


Another first for Spiderman will be the lack of a spider sense in the film. The famed sixth-sense allows Spider-man to detect incoming danger and has been a staple of the previous five films and animated adaptations of the hero, but will not be explored in “Homecoming”. Director Jon Watts has said that he feels the spider sense has been featured so much in the past they didn’t want to lean on it the same way previous projects have. He did say its something that may be explored with fans believing that the sense may be a feature hidden within the technology of the suit Stark provided for Parker and could be explored in a more subtle way as a sensor provided via technology to modernize Spider-man’s suit even more. It’s not the only classic Spider-man feature that won’t be explored in “Homecoming”. The Daily Bugle is also supposedly not included in the film.





1. Death Threats for Flash Thompson


Tony Revolori will be portraying Peter Parker’s simple high school bully enemy Flash Thompson in “Homecoming”, a well known character from the comics who is often portrayed a a blond, white athlete and was featured in the first “Spider-Man” film in the early 2000s. This new “Spider-man” film features a much different take on the rather simple foe for Spidey, but one that already has caused a stir. In fact it’s caused enough early grief that Revolori has received death threats for being cast as the character. Being a person of color portraying Flash a more of a cyber-bully type of character than a hulking, athletic, stereotypical figure of high school intimidation caused a quick and violent response from fans who, according to Revolori himself, felt he was a poor choice for what is essentially just a minor, grounding role to build on Peter Parker’s high school life. Luckily Revolori said he didn’t take the threats to heart, using them to motivate him and an actor rather than distance himself from the project. He said he took it as constructive criticism from a group of passionate fans that he could relate to as a passionate man himself. What a guy!

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