Ten Fun Facts About “Baby Driver”


Edgar Wright is back with his latest directorial project, the much anticipated “Baby Driver”. With a lot of buzz around the film and Edgar Wright’s amazing prowess and reputation at the helm I decided to take a look at some fun facts about this action flick to get you guys pumped up for what’s to come.

For this list, as usual, I looked at some of the most interesting bits of trivia for the upcoming film “Baby Driver”. These notes are not ranked based on any specific merit or quality, but rather to make this a more fun and fluid list to read really. These trivia facts can include anything from the filming and writing process, to fun facts about what occurred on set, or anything in between or beyond.

If you’re as excited about this film as I am, be sure to catch “Baby Driver” starting June 28 and look for my review later this week.

Here we go!



10. Jon Hamm Only Original Actor In The Film

Screen shot 2017-06-25 at 12.58.36 PM.png

In “Baby Driver” Jon Hamm portrays one of the villains and a member of the bank robbers gang named Buddy. Apparently Hamm is the only actor still on the project from the original table read. He was always going to be in the film too because the part of Buddy was made specifically for Hamm before the original table read was even held. Since that read several changes to cast and characters took place, with Hamm continuing on as a constant throughout the process.




9. Jamie Foxx’s Respect for Kevin Spacey

Screen shot 2017-06-25 at 12.56.53 PM.png

This film features three Oscar winners, Paul Williams, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx, with Spacey and Foxx playing major roles. During filming Foxx showed incredible respect for Spacey, choosing to stay and watch Spacey film his parts even when Foxx was not in that scene or was done for the day. This Oscar duo were also shown great respect from Director Edgar Wright himself as Foxx and Spacey often share scenes together. When the two WERE on screen at the same time Wright called is a “two-Oscar” shot recognizing their individual Oscar successes at the same time.




8. Stars That Could Have Been


As with any movie a few big names were previously attached to the film. Among them were actresses Chloe Grace Moretz and Emma Stone who dropped out of the project to film the 2017 “The Little Mermaid” and “La La Land” respectively. This worked out great for Stone who won an Oscar her role in “La La Land” however Moretz went on to apparently drop out of “The Little Mermaid” as she is not listed on the film’s cast. Michael Douglas was also discussed for a part in “Baby Driver”, but will not be in the finished film. However, Edgar Wright did play a big part in getting Douglas the role of Hank Pym for Marvel’s “Ant-Man” movie, a film Wright was famously attached to before dropping out of that project. It was also leaked by a Tweet that Meryl Streep would be in the film, but rumors say this is only on a television screen and not as an actual actress in the movie.




7. Director In The Action


Edgar Wright took a unique approach for this film by putting himself in the middle of the car chase action. The director was often worried that he would lose communication like with his actors or the cameras during the filming of those scenes so he himself was strapped to the shooting car rather than a following car as many director usually do. Jon Hamm made light of this saying that it was like performing while a “sunburnt muppet” was flopping around in front of him.




6. Outside Film Inspirations


Edgar Wright said he wanted this film to be authentic and thus drew inspiration from numerous previous movies to get his own heist film correct. Wright turned to “Heat”, “Point Break” and “Reservoir Dogs” as guiding projects for “Baby Driver”. Other films noted as possible, yet unconfirmed, inspirations during Wright’s writing of the film include “The Blues Brothers”, “The Driver”, and “Raising Arizona”. Wright himself also noted the 1978 film “Straight Time” as a major influence for “Baby Driver”.




5. Input From A Real Robber


To try and embrace a more “American” style for “Baby Driver” Wright turned to an interesting guide for capturing the authenticity of the film’s action. He consulted bank robber Joe Loya, who wrote a book about his time in prison called “The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell”. Loya was often presented with pages from Wright’s script and Wright took feedback from Loya to try and create his version of a truly authentic American heist story. Funny enough Loya himself was a getaway driver like the film’s titular character Baby and listened to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” while escaping capture in the same way that Baby listens to music during his escapes.




4. First Wright Film Made In U.S.A.

Screen shot 2017-06-25 at 12.55.42 PM.png

Edgar Wright may be a household name for film buffs in the Untied States, but he has actually never made a film here. Wright is British and usually films his projects across the pond. This is the first time Wright has filmed in the United States, with much of “Baby Driver” filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and considering that it’s his first U.S. production he is also trying his best to create a more “American” product capturing the feel and essence of a U.S. based car chase and heist film rather than the more British and European style he has embraced with past projects. Wright even felt Atlanta’s music and car culture made it the most fitting setting for the film, paying close attention to not only U.S. culture but the culture of the filming location as well.




3. A LOT of Cars

Screen shot 2017-06-25 at 1.00.22 PM.png

Around 150 different cars were used to film “Baby Driver”, many in red or black. In reality many of these vehicles were the same kind of car, but with different modifications to perform different stunts. Most of what you see on screen WAS done with actual cars and stunt drivers, including the now popular sliding scene in the trailer, which included its own specialized vehicle to pull the stunt off perfectly. It was noted during production that newer cars did create a few issues for the filmmakers as many of the newer safety features were difficult to override because they are more computer-based than mechanical.




2. Long Time Coming

Screen shot 2017-06-25 at 1.05.12 PM.png

Edgar Wright has been sitting on this film for some time, or at least the concept for it. He started working on “Baby Driver” in 1995 and finished the script in 2011. Wright actually received an advance for the movie in 2007 and during the premier of the film he thanked his producer for not suing him because it took ten years for the final product to be made. Wright actually put the story to film once before “Baby Driver” was truly created as he utilized a similar character and story for Mint Royale’s music video for “Blue Song” with Noel Fielding playing a music loving getaway driver for a group of bank robber. Wright apparently said he kicked himself for not making the story into a full-fledged film up to that point.




1. Music Is Everywhere

Screen shot 2017-06-25 at 1.06.34 PM.png

If you’ve seen the trailer and read the plot summary then you know music plays a massive role in “Baby Driver”. While Edgar Wright promises this is not a musical, almost every scene features music in some way with every song sourced, meaning that something is making the music like a CD-player or and IPod. Because of the film’s style this also made shooting scenes a bit complicated as the gunfire had to be timed with the song playing at that time. It’s not the first time Edgar Wright has employed such a trick. He did it most notably in the pool stick zombie fight in “Shawn of the Dead” as well. The music for the film has pretty much been the same from the very beginning with bands literally begging to be featured in the movie. The official track listing for the “Baby Driver” soundtrack is composed of thirty songs, including three original tracks, “Easy” by Sky Ferreira, “Chase Me” by Danger Mouse”, and Was It Easy” by Kid Koala. Also, paying homage to Wright’s inspirations and the growth and conception of the feature length film, it has been reported that Mint Royale’s “Blue Song” will be the track for the first heist and that the film’s namesake, Simon & Garfunkel’s “Baby Driver”, will be played over the credits.


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