10 Most Anticipated Films of May 2017


Summer is upon us, which means summer movies season and blockbuster season begins and May is where is all starts. With many films anticipated for the next month, I looked at ten that are among the most anticipated to get everyone excited for what’s to come. Here are the top 10 anticipated films of May 2017

For this list I looked at every film, whether it be limited release or major release, that will be coming out in America in the month of May 2017. The list is simple, these are the films people will likely be rushing to the theater to see as summer officially begins. Look for my reviews for many of these movies throughout the month. Here we go.


10. “Everything, Everything,” (MAY 19)


Based on the 2015 novel by Nicola Yoon, “Everything, Everything” will tell the story of a young girl names Maddy who suffers from an immunity disorder and thus lives an isolated life in her parent’s home. When a young boy moves in next door she becomes infatuated with him and begins a friendship separated by walls. The film will star Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson at the lead characters and promises to explore the concept of relationship building even beyond the limits of one’s own life. Originally scheduled for release this August, Warner Bros. Pictures moved the release day to May 19 in hopes of taking advantage of the summer blockbuster crowd.



9. “The Lovers” (MAY 5)


Debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22, “The Lovers” is a romantic comedy starring Debra Winger and Tracy Letts as a divorced couple who find new passion for each other, even after they had each moved on with their lives and entered new relationships. The couple begins an affair that creates quite a complicated, and amusing, situation for their lives as they sleep around with each other despite their outside relationship commitments. What’s unique is that they are not two random people who have fallen in love, they are rekindling their love for each other and thus the film will no doubt explore the concept of true companionship and commitment to love even in the face of adversity, with a few shenanigans mixed in for a bit of humor. “The Lovers” is being released through Sony Pictures and A24.



8. “Lowriders” (MAY 12)


An intriguing and timely tale, “Lowriders” premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June of 2016 and almost a year later will make its theatrical debut. The movie will feature the talents of Damian Bichir, Gabrieal Chavarria, Theo Rossi, Melicca Benoist, Eva Longoria and Tony Revolori and will explore the complicated family dynamic between a father and his two sons, one an aspiring graffiti artist and the other a criminal. The film will be set during an annual lowrider event that will bring the three together and put their bonds and loyalties to the test. Part family drama and part coming-of-age tale, “Lowriders” is also unique for it’s mostly Hispanic cast which will add some well needed diversity to the silver screen in both characters and content. “Lowriders” will be released by Universal Pictures and BH Tilt.



7. “The Wall” (MAY 12)


Originally scheduled for a March 10 release, this is a film I personally have had on my radar all year. “The Wall” will feature a simple two-man cast, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena, as American soldiers held down by a sniper. While one is injured, the other only has his gun, his wits, and a small, dilapidated wall separating him and the enemy. The relatively short 81-minute film will chronicle the standoff between the two soldiers and the sniper in a game of cat and mouse, similar to “Phone Booth” but on a much smaller scale. Produced by Amazon Studios, “The Wall” has had quiet a bit of buzz around it as filmgoers await seeing Johnson and Cena take on their enemy on the big screen. “The Wall” is being released through Roadside Attractions.


6. “Snatched” (MAY 12)


The third of four May 12 film releases on this list, “Snatched” will bring controversial and divisive comedian Amy Schumer to the big screen for the first time since her 2015 hit “Trainwreck” and teams her with Goldie Hawn in a mother-daughter caper as the two are taking a vacation when an unexpected adventure puts their lives in danger with hilarious results as they try to escape. This is an important film for Schumer as her controversial comedy rants have caused her career to take somewhat of a hit since “Trainwreck” was a box office success. This could be the must-see comedy of the year, or an ACTUAL train wreck that could sideline Schumer as a credible and bankable comedy star. It will also be a fitting Mother’s Day weekend release so we’ll see if Schumer can work her magic again. “Snatched” is being released through 20th Century Fox.



5. “King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword” (MAY 12)


It really is pure coincidence that I have four movies with the same May 12 release date back to back on this list, but that appears to be quite the busy weekend for films this year. The biggest of them all, and the one with the most stakes, is the reboot of the legend of King Arthur. This film has some huge names attached to it. Guy Ritchie directed and helped write the film and Charlie Hunnam, of “Sons of Anarchy” fame, will star as the titular king in a origin story of King Arthur as he finds his legendary sword and tries to take his rightful place as ruler of the kingdom. Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, Aiden Gillen, Jude Law, and Eric Bana are just a few of the other names attached to the project which has an estimated budget of $102 million and has many already concerned about whether or not it will be able to earn enough to justify launching a new franchise around the famed King Arthur legend. This is the first in a planned six-film series, so a lot is riding on this to be a success. Only time will tell if it will surpass it’s early projections and become the hit that Warner Bros. hopes it can be.


4. “Baywatch” (MAY 25)


“Baywatch” is far from the only big potential hit that will be released on May 25, more on the other one later, but it does carry a lot on its shoulders to live up to. Based on the popular and campy television series, “Baywatch” promises to be a very meta action comedy with Dwayne Johnson, Priyonka Chopra, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, and more along for the ride in all it’s slow-motion greatness. The story will revolve around Johnson and Efron’s characters helping their fellow lifeguards discover the secret behind questionable acts within the Baywatch organization as they also work to keep the brand relevant. The film will likely try to lean heavily on nostalgia and self-aware comedy and many question whether or not “Baywatch” might have been too obscure of a show to transform into a film. We already saw one TV show-themed film, “CHiPs”, fail in 2017. Will “Baywatch” be the second? Probably not considering the star power behind it. Paramount Pictures is responsible for helping bring this film to life.



3. “Alien: Covenant” (MAY 19)


Ridley Scott is back in the director’s chair to bring new life to the “Alien” franchise in this sequel to 2012’s “Prometheus” and the official or unofficial first film in the “Alien” prequel series depending on who you talk to about “Prometheus”. The film’s name refers to a colony ship carrying married couples to what they hope will be a new world. When these couples find the supposed paradise they encounter the Xenomorphs and a new alien to the series, the Neomorph. Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterson, Billy Crudup, Danny Mcbride, Damian Bichir, and others make up the cast, which promises to expand on the “Alien” legend and is already being considered a sure-fire hit. It will mark a potential big weekend for 20th Century Fox as the studio will also be releasing the family-friendly “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul” the same weekend.



2. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” (MAY 28)


The other May 28 release that will surely give “Baywatch” a run for its money, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, which will take the subtitle “Salazar’s Revenge” outside the US and Japan, will see what many believe, and trailers teased to be the final adventure for Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow in a search for the legendary trident of Poseidon. Depp is joined by returning cast members Kevin McNally, Geoffrey Rush, and Orlando Bloom as well as newcomers Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario, and Javier Bardem as Captain Armando Salazar, the films central antagonist. The filmmakers promised a return to the charm and approach of the series’ first film, “Curse of the Black Pearl”, which has fans hopeful for this fifth installment, which has had quite a rocky ride to the silver screen. With a $320 million budget Walt Disney Studios is hoping for a huge response to this film which has been pushed back not by months, but by years since it was first conceived and rewritten following the release of “On Stranger Tides”. The film will be released on nearly every format possible and work on the film only concluded on April 19 so Disney has been cutting it close here. We shall see if Sparrow’s potential final swashbuckling adventure can close the series off on a high note if this is truly where Disney wants to call it quits.



1. “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2” (MAY 5)


The most anticipated film of the month is by far the one that will kick it off this weekend, “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2”, which will be the first of three films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2017 along with “Spiderman Homecoming” and “Thor: Ragnarok”. It’s so anticipated that it was announced before the first film was even released and the third film has already been announced as well. “Guardians 2” will bring back the same crew from the first film, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Boutista, Vin Diesal, and Bradley Cooper, as they try to save the galaxy once again. The movie will help build on the otherworldly aspects of the MCU and promises to explore Star Lords origins with Kurt Russell taking on the role of Ego, a character Marvel had to negotiate with Fox to bring to the big screen. Fans have been waiting anxiously to see the Guardians on screen again and while early reviews say that this second film is good, but not as good as the first, “Guardians 2” will likely set the bar pretty high for the rest of the competition that will make up the opening month of the summer blockbuster season in May.

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