10 Fun Facts About “Power Rangers” (2017)

Full disclosure here, I’ve been a huge Power Rangers fan since I was a little kid and few movies have ever excited me as much as the upcoming theatrical film. That being said there’s a lot about this film to explore and so with it’s release on the horizon I decided to take a look at ten fun facts about the new “Power Rangers” movie.

For this list I took at look at trivia both widely publicized and maybe hidden under the radar and picked out the ten coolest and most fascinating fun facts about the new “Power Rangers” movie that I could find. The movie is out this Friday, March 24th. Look for my review of it this weekend. Also some of these facts may contain some very minor spoilers so be warned.



10: The Third Power Rangers Movie



The new “Power Rangers” film is far from the first time the rangers will be seen on the big screen. The ranger’s first hit the Box Office in the summer of 1995 with “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie”, a non-canon film that saw them face off against the infamous Ivan Ooze. Their second outing was actually the debut of the much maligned “Turbo” season with “Turbo: A Power Ranger Movie” in 1997. The fifth season of the show is also infamous for its poor ratings and  almost killed the franchise altogether. This new film will be non-canon to the television series and will not be connected to either of the previous movies. It tells a completely original origin story for the first team of rangers with new designs incorporated into their suits, Zords, and allies.





9. First film for Zack and Trini

Mighty Morphin.jpg

Courtesy of Ranger Board


While the original Power Rangers team from the early 1990s will all be featured in this film, albeit with new actors and backstories, this will actually be the first time the characters of Zack, the original black ranger, and Trini, the original yellow ranger, will hit the big screen. It will also be the first time the character of Jason, the original red ranger, acts as a ranger in a Power Rangers movie. Jason was featured in “Turbo: A Power Ranger Movie”, but only as an ally and a captive of the big baddy Divatox. The first film in 1995 took place long after Austin St. John (Jason), Walter Jones (Zack), and Thuy Trang (Trini) had departed the show due to contract disputes and their replacements, Rocky, Adam and Aisha, were featured instead. Zack and Trini were never featured in the “Turbo” movie either making this the first time the two character will be seen in an actual theatrical film.





8. The Green Ranger Theory


Courtesy of MovieWeb


Since the announcement of the film many have wondered whether or not the sixth ranger, the green ranger, would be featured in some way, shape or form. Well according to the cast and crew this will be the case, but not how many might have expected. The film will apparently confirm that Rita, the big baddy of the first Power Rangers series who will be reimagined and portrayed by Elizabeth Banks in the movie, was a green ranger in her past and eagle eyed viewers even noticed that her suit had a similar makeup to the redesigned suits of the rangers. Also it appears that she is using the green power coin on her staff. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays into the plot of the film and it’s sure to be the possible subject of a future sequel.





7.  Endowed With Special Powers

Screen shot 2017-03-21 at 2.55.35 PM.png

Courtesy of YouTube


Trailers for the film revealed that in this incarnation of the Power Rangers the teenagers with attitude will gain otherworldly powers in addition to their suits. These include super strength and extreme jumping abilities, however this is nothing new for the series. This concept was explored numerous times in the show, particularly during the “Disney Era”, with multiple rangers and ranger teams having alternate powers outside of their morphed forms to help battle villains and henchmen before they morph. However this will be the first time any of the original rangers utilize such powers. The only ranger from the first season that eventually gains an alternate power when not morphed is Tommy, the green ranger, who gained invisibility as the Black Dino Ranger in the “Dino Thunder” series which was noted as an influential season, along with “Mighty Morphin'”, during the creation of the film.




6. Visorless Rangers49760060b7af8efdecf43c9992178b46.jpg

Later trailers revealed that while the rangers are in their Zords they will remove their visors. This is actually a throwback concept to both the show and the original 1995 movie. During the filming of the first Power Rangers film the filmmakers toyed with the idea of removing the visors from the rangers’ helmets and even filmed scenes without the faces covered. They later reshot those scenes when they realized it was a mistake as the helmets and visors were iconic for the time. Later seasons of Power Rangers actually incorporated this concept. While many seasons had the rangers remove their helmets altogether seasons like “Lightspeed Rescue” and “Ninja Storm” feature retractable visors. While it seems like a small detail to point out in the new movie, it’s one that is engrained in the history of the franchise for better or worse.




5. Collectable Posters


When movies feature numerous posters like “Power Rangers” has, with each ranger having their own poster paired with their respective Zord, theaters usually get the full set. Not this time. Each theater only received two rangers, which has made the full series of posters harder to get and thus made them more collectable. While many third party distributors are creating reproductions of the five individual Zord one sheets, collecting the full series of authentic posters has been made more complicated and thus the posters have become highly sought after. It’s unknown if this was done for budgetary reasons or to inspire more competition among collectors to grab each poster for their own displays.




4. The Zeo Crystal

Monkeys Fighting Robots.jpg

Courtesy of Monkeys Fighting Robots

The synopsis for the “Power Rangers” movie mentions the existence of the Zeo Crystal, which is a powerful item Rita Repulsa will try to track down. Fans of the show will get a kick out of this but for those who don’t know the Zeo Crystal played an important role in the evolution of Power Rangers in its early years. After utilizing footage from three different Super Sentai series and the same iconic suits for three seasons, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers evolved into a new team, the Zeo Rangers, who took on the Machine Empire with powers provided by the legendary Zeo Crystal. Not only is this a great nod to the lore of the original series, it could imply that later films will see the rangers tap into the power of the crystal and maybe we’ll see other ranger suits transformed for a new generation on the big screen.



3. Kim and Tommy Will Make Cameos


Courtesy of Pinterest


During the show’s first three seasons two actors reigned supreme as the most popular on the program. Amy Joe Johnson, who played every 90’s kids first celebrity crush, Kimberly, the first pink ranger, and Jason David Frank, who played the legendary Tommy Oliver, the original green ranger, were present in both the 1995 and 1997 Power Ranger films and are among the most well known, if not THE most well know actors to have been on the program. Well they will continue to provide fan service as the two will provide cameo appearances in the new film as well, which will make them the only Power Ranger actors to appear in all three of the film adaptations of the series. The two will portray citizens in the rangers’ hometown of Angel Grove.





2. Bryan Cranston’s Power Ranger Past


Courtesy of Yahoo!


This is probably the most widely known fact on this list, which is why it’s number two, because it’s just that cool. Bryan Cranston, of “Breaking Bad” fame, will portray the rangers’ iconic mentor Zordon in the new film, but it’s not the first time he has been part of Power Rangers history. Cranston is actually the namesake for the first blue ranger, Billy Cranston, and played several monsters in the first season of the show. Cranston portrayed Twin Man and Snizzard who both faced off against the original team of rangers in 1993 as creations of Rita and her band of baddies. Fun fact for those who are fans of the show, these two monster were among the few who never battled a Megazord in the first power rangers season as they were destroyed via the Power Blaster and Power Bow respectively and were not grown by Rita.





1. First LGBT Super Hero On The Big Screen


Courtesy of YouTube

The newest bit of trivia to hit the masses, it was recently revealed that two of the rangers will be members of demographics rarely seen among super heroes on the big screen. Actually one of them will be the first ever cinematic superhero to be a part of the LGBT community. Trini will be portrayed as lesbian or bisexual in the movie making her the first ever LGBT super hero in a theatrical film. While interviews from the cast implied that this reality won’t be thrown in the viewers faces, it will be mentioned and is an interesting part of Trini’s character development seeing as she will also be the first ever Power Ranger character with LGBT connections. This could be a nod to David Yost, who played the original blue ranger in the early 1990s and has been vocal about mistreatment and judgment he received while working on the show for his homosexuality in real life. Interestingly enough the character that Yost made famous, blue ranger Billy Cranston, will have his own unique trait in the film as Billy will be autistic meaning this collection of teenagers with attitude is completely ditching the more politically correct and “child friendly” status of their television counterparts and going for a more real and relatable portrayal of teenagers thrust into a war between good and evil.

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