For only the second time in the studio’s history Pixar will release two films in a single year. Many have known about “Car 3” which debuted its trailer earlier this year, but we have heard very little about the studio’s second outing of the year, “Coco”…Until now! We finally got our first look at the film today with Disney and Pixar releasing the first trailer for the movie on social media.

The film’s synopsis as presented by the studio is a 12-year-old boy named Miguel wishes to follow his dream of being a musician, inspired by his apparent idol Ernesto de la Cruz. However his family has banned music from their household for a generation, making that difficult for the young musician. As he attempts to follow his passion Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead and learns about his family history.

Immediately the trailer drives home the concept of family, music, and Miguel’s obsession with Ernesto. We get a good long glimpse of what appears to be an obsession room, with pictures and other memorabilia of Ernesto, before Miguel pops in a tape where Ernesto begins to sing.

Screen shot 2017-03-15 at 5.19.07 PM.png

We hear the musician tout the importance of his art. “When life gets me down I play my guitar. The rest of the world may follow the rules but I must follow my heart,” he says. “Never Underestimate the power of music.” We see Miguel try to mimic his idol on his own guitar before the trailer hits us with what promises to be the movie’s central message, “We are all part of those who came before”

Screen shot 2017-03-15 at 5.19.56 PM.png

The trailer then proceeds to show Miguel sneaking into what appears to be a tomb for Ernesto and, upon strumming his idols guitar which looks very similar to a guitar in what we assume to be a family photo that Miguel carries around, Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead and that’s all we really get for now.

Screen shot 2017-03-15 at 5.22.37 PM.png

A few takeaways from this trailer: “Coco” looks beautifully done already and we’ve only seen a small glimpse of what the film in its entirety has to offer. It appears the film will be similar to “Inside Out” in tone and that we will see Miguel struggle with the limitations his family has set upon him as he wishes to pursue a forbidden dream and he will do so by exploring why his family has banned music through his ancestors in the Land of the Dead. The big thing to take away is an oddly obvious nod at a possible twist in the film. We see in the picture that Miguel holds that the male figure, whose head was removed from the photo thus making him difficult to identify, is holding Ernesto’s guitar. Does this mean he is related to Ernesto? Does this connect to his family’s displeasure with music? Or is this a red haring that we unravel along with Miguel in the Land of the Dead?

Screen shot 2017-03-15 at 5.21.21 PM.png

So many questions, so few answers and it’s all part of a tease to get everyone hyped up for what promises to be one of this fall’s most anticipated films. Personally I’m excited. I love that the trailer gave us a few things to ponder and a few great looks at the imagery we will see in the movie including a look at the Land of the Dead itself. It could be a few months before we get a more detailed look at the film, but for now Pixar has done a good job wetting our appetites. Watch the full trailer below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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