Top 10 Actors & Actresses Who Hate Their Own Movies

While the life of an actor or actress may seem like a glorious one, sometimes even the most talented of stars find themselves with regrets and moments they wish they could take back in their careers.

It’s not uncommon to find that an actor is not too crazy about their part in a horrendous film, or even a masterpiece. So for my latest countdown I decided to shine some light on the most infamous incidents of actors and actresses hating their own movies and movie roles.

For this list I decided to focus on documented situations of actors and/or actresses who have openly and publicly shown some form of distain or regret in hindsight for being part of a particular picture. Some did it for the money, others thought the movie would be better than it turned out. Whatever the case these famous Hollywood icons were not very impressed with the final product.

No  honorable mentions this time around so we will get right to it. Here are the Top Ten Actors or Actresses Who Hate Their Own Films.



  1. “Spider-Man 3” (Toby Mcguire and Kirsten Dunst)

“Spider-Man 3” was an absolutely terrible film. The third and final entry in the original Spider-Man trilogy that helped spark the newfound popularity of superhero films in the early 2000s, it left many fans wishing they had more when the actors actually wanted less. Signing on for such films back then may have seemed like a great way to create an iconic role. However, with “Spider-Man 3” the novelty seemed to have worn off for both the audience and the cast. The film’s two stars, Toby Mcguire and Kirsten Dunst, have both stated that they were not all that excited to be part of yet another superhero film and implied everyone on set felt the same way and phoned in their performances to put the film together and get it over with. This seems to be reflected in the lifeless and uninteresting performances in the film itself and in rumors that part of the reason there was no “Spider-Man 4” was because neither actor wanted to reprise their roles to be a part of it.

1290445577t-the happening.jpg

  1. “The Happening” (Mark Wahlburg)

The viewing public was not alone in their hatred of this horrible M. Night Shyamalan film in 2008. Its leading man, Mark Wahlberg, has openly expressed his disposition for the film. Wahlberg has publicly said that actors who turned down working on the film were lucky to have done so and since the movie’s release the film has become the butt of many jokes that Wahlberg has yet to denounce. This is not the only film Wahlberg has expressed regret working on, but it’s probably the most infamous and has received some of the actor’s most brutal personal criticisms over the years.


  1. “Knocked Up” (Katherine Heigl)

Katherine Heigl has long been the target of criticism from her coworkers who say she is hard to work with and unpleasant during filming. Even before her reputation preceded her however she was starring in massively successful films like “Knocked Up”, a role that helped make her career and one that she has denounced time and time again. Heigl created quite a stir when she called out the movie for being sexist and leaning on female stereotypes and has bashed the film and her own role for its portrayal of women. Others close to the movie have defended the film and Heigl’s outburst is considered by many to be the beginning of her fall from grace and the origin of her reputation in Hollywood.


  1. “Garfield: The Movie” (Bill Murray)

Bill Murray has been in countless good and bad movies over the course of his career but one of his worst was his role voicing the famed orange cat Garfield in the 2004 live-action adaptation of the comic strip from the 1970s. Murray has bashed the movie many times in the public and even made a joke of it while playing himself in the zombie comedy film “Zombieland” where Murray is shot after being mistaken for a real zombie and when asked if he had any regret in life his one answer was, of all things, “Garfield”. If that doesn’t say everything for how he feels about the film nothing will. Still, even as much as he hated the film the money must’ve been pretty good because he reprised his role for the equally terrible sequel.


  1. “The Sound of Music” (Christopher Plummer)

While it is one of the best films of all time in the eye of the general public and critics, “The Sound of Music” is considered a bore and a less than enjoyable picture by one of its stars, Christopher Plummer who played the patriarch of the films leading family. While Plummer has warmed up to the legacy of his role in more recent years, the Oscar winner has also gone on the record calling the film too sentimental and even “awful”. While “The Sound of Music” remains a true classic today, Plummer still seems to be hesitant to throw his seal of approval behind the project even to this day, but at least he has finally shown a willingness to take parts in reunions.


  1. “Batman & Robin” (George Clooney)

Clooney has been very open about his distain for 1998’s “Batman & Robin” going so far as to say he even felt he killed the franchise when the movie came out. The infamous final entry in the Batman series started by Tim Burton featured a slew of horrid effects and features that today are go-to examples of what not to do in a superhero film. Clooney has even gone on record saying he felt jumping into the role of Batman would be a great career move, but looking back on it it appears his take on the Dark Knight is one of his biggest career regrets.


  1. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” (Shia Lebouf)

These days it’s no surprise to see Shia Lebouf making waves in the media for his criticism of Hollywood culture and filmmaking, but even back in the day when his star power was strongest and his public outbursts less frequent he still had no problem throwing a project under the bus. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” was certainly no masterpiece, but Shia hit the nail on the head echoing the sentiment of critics and viewers alike when he noted that he felt the film was unimpressive and that it’s “just a bunch of fighting robots.” He called it a film with no heart and was not far off. Lebouf returned to make the slightly better third film, but dropped out of the franchise altogether, and pretty much off the map, once plans for a fourth film started taking shape.


  1. “Kick-Ass 2” (Jim Carrey)

In 2013 comedian Jim Carrey was on the back end of his career and had begun exploring different kinds of roles to stay relevant in film. One of those roles was as the brutal but noble Colonel Stars and Stripes in the superhero sequel “Kick-Ass 2”. In the film Carrey plays one of the more violent vigilantes and didn’t seem to have an issue with the role until the shootings at Sandy Hook occurred in December of 2012 at which time Carrey condemned the role and the movie, which had yet to be released, due to the excessive violence the film portrayed. A known activist for many social and international issues, it was no surprise that Carrey was willing to put the film on the line for something he felt needed to be addressed. Some say his comments played into the films critical failure and its less than impressive take at the box office and to this day Carrey still seems to hold the same negative outlook on the film and his part in the project.


  1. “Star Wars” (Alec Guinness)

The original Obi-Wan Kenobi was actually not a big fan of the “Star Wars” films as he was trying to bring the legendary Jedi to life. Sir Alec Guinness was in his 60s while working on the film and had already received awards and accolades for his previous performances in other films before getting on board George Lucas’s space opera. Guinness once called the film’s script rubbish and pretty much all but admitted his inclusion in later films was all about the money. While he did express joy with some aspects of the role, including working with certain actors on set, Guinness found his character to be unlikable and despised being recognized as Kenobi in public. Rumor has it he even threw away any fan mail without opening it. Guinness reportedly solidified a pretty hefty upfront payment to reprise the role as well as receiving a decent portion of the profits making him a multimillionaire from this role alone and while his character has become iconic since the original “Star Wars” was released, Guinness died in 2000 without sharing the same love for his famed Jedi as the rest of the world.


  1. “Super Mario Bros.” (Bob Hoskins)

Possibly the most famous, or infamous, circumstance of an actor hating their own movie on this list, the late Bob Hoskins has openly destroyed the “Super Mario Bros.” movie in public. Rumor has it Hopkins was drunk during many parts of the film to make acting as the corruption of the famed video game icon Mario more bearable. Hoskins told “The Guardian” that “Super Mario Bros.” is his biggest career regret and a film he would have loved to take back. Today “Super Mario Bros.” is known as the worst video game to film adaptation of all time and is called one of the worst films ever made in some circles. It’s a role Hoskins clearly wanted to forget and, unfortunately, it was a highlight of his career for better or worse. Hoskins would go on to have a great career with legendary performances before and after “Super Mario Bros.” that defined him as one of the greats, but even the best have moments of regret and for Hoskins that was apparently the moment he dawned the red jumpsuit to portray a video game icon.

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